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List of articles sent to the Chicag Sanitary Comraission : Quilts, 2 Bed sacks, 23 Sheets, 16 Feather pillows, 6 Pillow sacks, 2 Cotton pillow cásea, 37 Linen pillow cases, 2 Second hand lioen shirts, ö Becond hand cotton shirts, 3 Hospital shirts, 10 Cantón flannel shirts, 8 Cantón flannel drawers, 5 Cacton flannel underehirts, 3 Cotton drawers, 4 TowüIs, 35 Handkerchiefs, 38 Slippers, pairs, 4 Socks, pairs, 7 Dried apples, Ibs., 85 Dried currants and cherries, 6 1 crock of butter, Ibs., 7 Lint and bandages, Quantity old linen, Quantity old cotton. The estimated value of these articles is 6113,98. Another box has been prepared and 6ent to the soldiers. The war still continúes, and until it ends the energies of. the people ïuuet not flag. We trust tiere will alvvays be willing hands, and open pockets until our brave soldiere have gained the Victory in the greut battle oí Eight. Claka A. Dickson, Sec. L3T The Teotfa Regiment Michigan Infantry, Col. Lum, is to leave Flint for the field of battle on Tuesday next. Our young iuüow citizens, Ciias. H. Mooke and Nelson B. Cole, .go with the Tenth as Sutlers. EP The Fourteonth Regiment Michigan Infantry, Col. Sinolair, has been paid oft, was reviewed by tho Governor and Staff on Wednesday afternoon, and left Ypsilunti yesterday aiternoon for 8t. Louis, and thu Southwest. It is a fine regiment, and will make its mark. L3T Dr. Taitan, will deliver a lecturo for the benefit of the Soldier's Aid Society, on Monday evening April 21st, at the Methodist Church. Subject, The Uses oí War." - We understand that Dr. T. will speak especially upon the werk and 8UCCÖS8 of the Sanitary Commission, to which tho Aid Society is anxiliary. Io view of late and coming events we may hope that there will be a large attendance nf our citizens. td At the close of the regular service ia the M. E. Church, on Sabbath forenoon last, the Rev Mr. Blades raad the proclamation of President Lincoln, enjoining thanksgiving for the recent national yictories, the whole congregation joined an appropriute and heartfelt prayer, and the choir performed a bymn of national praise.- Thesa erercises wero unusually interesting( and unmistakably laid open the beai'ts of the people. ...-. . "At the Chicago charter election on Mopday last, the Demócrata elected their entire city ticket, by an avdVage majoritj of ouc thousaud, and eight of the ten Aldermen. Considerable of a chance that. fc


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