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K c è3 H "o 8l fel - í S l-i i i Jj . w 'S ë a 0 - r1 p= es n o L il i. SPEER'S SAMBUCI WINE, PURE, AND KiL I1. YKAP.S OI.D, Of Clioice Opor'o jruitj KOU PHTSICUNS' U;-R, FOR KEMALES, WEAKLY PERSONS & ISVALID3 Every tamil) , at M eeason, sbouki ut,c the SAMBtCI WINfej 'i'li'bi-a'u 1 in Europe fur it medicinal ná beneficial quulttie as n g&ntle ítiniulnt, Tonio, líiuHfcio and Su d ir i lie , bighly est em d by i minen t pbysícianc . ean and American Hoapitals, and f sofne0f the first familie oí Europeand Amé] a, A A TOKIO, It (iris no equal, eaaslng ;m :; j potïtft and building u of the'm beiog entirwy a l'u'u wine oí a moni valuablu fiuit. AS A I:IUÍÍKTIC, It im[,irts a bealtliyaction to bhe Qlandsand Kidneys, and I riuui-y Organn, ■ Qonta-ud KliUUIUiltic frQttCtíUDSj B?KERS WIXE ís not a ipixture or inanufuctiu-Hl article, but is puro, fruin tïiti juici: of Un1 Portugal '"'nuluKuis, eultivated Ib Xew Jersey ,reconiKiended iy aemista and Pbysioianfl aa MM8esaIii{; ndjea] f roperjU superior to ay otbeï Wine Id use, and a., excelíeui articÍ6 for all waak vaú (i-bilitfitf.l powoiui, ftod i'ic ;cm-ú and infirna, iruprevjaj the ítpp-tite, and beamft mg la iias and c1i.ih-.mi. A LADIES WINE, Because it will not intoxícate as otlicr wine, ü it contaius no mixture of spíríva or líquorfl, and ia admíred íur ils rioli, peculiar fi.ivr. umi nutrilivi.' properties, impartinj; a íicitliiiy toae to thedigwtive omímiis, und a blüumiti, soft and heaMhg nfcln and complexión. WE REPER TO A few wel] Jtpown gentlepsen aud püjsiciana, iio have triad fchfi ffiui Gen. WmSeïdSoott, U.S. A. Dr. Wilion, llthat., . T Qov. Morzan, X. Y. State Dr. Ward, Newafk. X. J, l-'r.,) R. rhi!t,,n,X. Y. City. l'r. ! '■ l. Parker, N Y. City. i'r. Parfeb, ñiiladelpliift Drs, Carey auil Níc X'-w llt'k , X . .1 And mnny othera too tiumtroas to pi,l.!i,,Ii. ü:-s,-X(iiti' genuine unlees the aïgnature ff "A7-FHKD ál'EKII, J.," U orer the cörk óf eacb bottle. JIS-UAKE 0XL TRIAL Of TUIS WÍXE Kor Sale by Mayuuid, SUliblns & WíIsgíi, Aiia Arbor. A. SPEER, Piopiietor. [N'KYARD, Ti Ve, Nw Jerwy '-i ; tCJE, ;0L Br adway, :. Y. JOHN LAtFOV, Pa'is. SIÏ í iii 0 AgenJ lujr Franceand Germany. O. BliISS la now reiicivi3 a Ui-í? ítn.l yoll -unmcht M Olccks, Watches, J EWE LEY, Silv.r and Plated Waie, TAB LE AND POCKET Z3 'OCJ Tf W- "1133 - "SkT RAZORS and SIIEAR3, GOLD IEIsrS;, Musical Instruments, Stringx $ toóte jor Instruments, SIEI-EIET MUSIC, ; COMBS. ana ■ great variety ut ■2"A.IsriS:EE rTOTIOJsTS, SzG. ' I He would cali pai-ticular attentiou to hi lare slock (BP33CTAOIJI3BS, of Cjíí, Sííccc. ÍViJ and Plalcd, wilk ' i PERISCQPE GLASS, i c i iiipertor articie. Aíao Huntington & PÍatt'e oslebratsd j CALENDAR CLOCK! tuttablefor Offices, Countínfe Robnw, Halla orDwel kt are relialïle tifo 3ombinod,and requiie tUe wiudinir of the time .ucnts oiily, to sen ure all be, requíied changes at i, íight, .s!,uv.iiití the d#j of (he i f the month, ii . , Fehruary, oi Iap roiir. His goóds are inostly of recent y íew York íukI thi irers, and wií) I ■ olti to c suit tho times. Persons bving difficult watchea to fit , ib can be acco ■ mj toek í uní compete, P. S. Particular ittentton to fae i. ÏX E & A. X 3RL 3C 3ÍT CÏjj tf all kíuda offine ffatche, aoeb m Maling and Setting now -Tewel, [; Piñioni, Stajfg, and C'-u cíx.ocjk:s, se tdevsteliï,-' d jeally repaired and v. urranjpd, at hip oM sta I ide of iLüxi Street. C. BLISS. , Aun 4rbr, Hor. 15, 1861 83etf t, WASHIENAW MUTUAL 1 ' FIRE INSUEAXCE 1'HI ' on ' !. li's Hotel, in tbe City f Ann Arbor, on ïburnda; of i:ic!i weck, nutil furihor y ot2o, ready to receiyoaön m U. KKNXY, Becrtfy, October83d, t8l. i ■ - " i: .yer's Cherry Pectoral, ï


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