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The boerotüi y of the V ermont State Agricultura] Society, Daniel Needham, in h's annual report, bas the followiiig remarks upo:i tho important subject of wool growing : '■ The prico of wool for tlie nest few years, reasoning from analugy, raust be high. The oottou erop will nut be plat tcd extcnsively at tbe Soutli, as it has been in jours pat; aud if the Llockade i uot raised by the fiist day of April nexi, in many States it will not be planted at all. Slionld the rebcllion not be suppresied within another year, as vory likely it may uot be, very little of tho cotton erop of 1861 will lind its way to the market for the next eighteeu months; and vrhen we consider that the people must be clothed ; that the uso of woolen fabrica duiiiig the present high price of cotton göods is mach mor econoiriioal ; that the willion of men iu the field wear and destroy, in weight, a third more of clothing than in the peaceful avocatious of life; that at the South all the carpeta have been cut up into blankets, and that very little of the worn out stock will bu supplled until peaca is restored - from the fact (bat the South bas uot even the raw material to replenish with - the wholo seeeding States not producing as niuch wool as the State of Ohio aluie; it can be seen, that not only during tbe war, but at itá close, wheu the million of uien in the army returu to their foriner employments, diseard their military clothing, and dress as they were wout, iu broadclolh and doeskiiiS, tho pri;e of wool must continuo above the average price for the last five years. Iu time ot ■war, the quality of wool is a matter of no sinall importarte. Vermont has liinited bersejf to tho production of the fiucst wools. But the wool niostíu demandnow,and bringing the higliest prices, is a eoarser grade. The ijuery may well be niadc, wliMicr t wi'l uot be equully profitoblo to turn our atiention to the production of a somewhat coarsor síaple, and at the saniu timo fiirnifih richer aud higher prioed inutton for the tuarket." L A daily unión prayer meetiug has been commenced in Kichmond, to supplicate tho Divine blossings upon the Confedoracy and her soldiery ia the field. 4Riri)iga! jUps.


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