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A Correspondent's Opinion

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correspondent of the Philadelphia Inqrtirer (rcpublican) with the army beforo Yorktovvi), and no pnper eniploys more able writers ia tliis branch of jonnialisni - writcs tfana hopefully to tlie public, gmng his own coiiclusions, as he cannot furuish tlie facts in liis possession to enable tho reader to draw liis own : '! II is a wise injunction that weshnuld 'possess oursoulsin paticiiee.' The phins the rL'.lii'tion of' Yorlitown cannot bo published at present, but whon tho day of onset comes we shall be atlonished at the OKMöifcjwww-eleiBOBJte which shall enter into the contest. Thero may be Malakoffs to storm, but vvhen the stormin time comes therc will be do ' North side' upon v.hich tho rebels can retreat. - YV'hatever may be the present aspect of Yorktown, if the rebels stay there they will be hemmed in, surrounded and cut off. Two hundred thousaud of the best troops iu tho world aro niarching upnn thom fi-om several directions, and neither guns nor gunpowder, nor Jeff. Davis in eonunand, can save thora from the final catastrophe."


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