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Locisville, Ky., May 6. A special to the Journal, dated Nashvillo, ïtli, says : " Gen. Duinout, with a portion cf Welford's and Smith's Kentucky Cavalry ; and Wynkoop's Pennsylvania Cavalry, atiaeked Morgan's and Wood's Cavalry, ciglit hundred in number, at Lcbanon, T.eun., on Jlonday mornÍDg at -í o'clock. The rebels ware utterly routcd, and large numbers slain, and oue bundrcd and fi ft y taken prisonouers. Nearly all the borses and irms wero captured. " Tbc rebels fled after fighting one bour and a-balf. " Gen. Pmnont is in pursuit and will capture the whole foree. The prisoners will be liere this eveuing. " It was a brilliant aifair and mauaged with great skill by Gen. Duraont. " Morgan is reported killed. Col. Welford was wounded in the abdomen, seriously, and Col. Smith was wounded in the li . " The rebels were completely surprised and outwitted." Captains Hazlítt and AleKinney, Lieuts. Carey, Ghambers, Dial, Thomas, and Leonard of the 2d Ohio, with soventy privates; Capt. Tenifer and Adjutant Neal, with 150 meu ofthelSth Ohio, Lieut, Mitchell, the General's son, of Kennett's Cavalry. Captain Ewing and two Lieutenants of tbo 21st Ohio, with tbirty-three privates were taken prisDners at Pulaaki, Tenn., on last Friday, by ono hundred of Morgan's rebel cavalry, after a üght of two hours and a half. - The prisoners were subsequently releasod ou parole, and are now at Nashville. - Morgan lost six killed and two wounded. Our loss was two killed, threo wounded, and one missing. fsu' We once knew a Quaker who was forced iuto a fight with a quarrelBome neiehbor. After a little seufBiog the Quaker's nose came into a violent contact with tha other mau's list, oausing our friend's noso to bleed profusely. - Quaker became enraged, and iuimcdiatcly took bis opponent down, and getting astride him,addreased bim thus: "Friend, I won't hurt thee, neither will I strike thee, but I will let my noss blced in tliy face ;' wbich he did eutirely to bis own gatiafaotion and to the ;i'eat disgust of his adversan-, Tbo Quaker's victory wan complete.


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