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Anecdote Of Gen. Mcclellan

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-A gentleman competed cito the anny ot the l'otomue now boforo Yorkt vn, lisa wrilten a lettar to a friend in Tokio, Erara which tha Blade Likos the follawing OKlrnct, showing the nc'ivity and sea] of the Commander-in-Chief, and :lio ground of hia fuvoritiám wiüi thearmy: " Georal MoClulian ís very active. I will raíate an incident tht cama under my owo obsíjrvation. I wauorderly for General Peck; he and General McCleüsin stiirted wit.h pevea hundrod men, in the night, and throw up, under the cnemy's guns, some la trenchments. General McOlellan dismounted froni his favorito horse, took hold of the spado. and laid out the mround tor the men to work at Ila Mid to tho men,,, ' 1 have worked on the railroad.and you seu I aro used to dirt.' Ho croated quito a laugh. Thero was otoe íaney officers there, and I ippose thoy thought ha was degrding himself, but I don't thing so." Such a man must bo suceessTul wherever he goes. The followíng wioidcot ia told of tlio baltle of Shilob. Two Kentucky raímente met fuua to face, anti fought "u'h o; hor with terrible resolution, and it hiippened that one of the Federal Boldiéia woumled :ind captured hm brotberi and, iiftor handin hun back, beean firing nt a man nar a tree, when the paptnred brother called to Mm and said, 'Doatthnot there any more , tbat's iatber."


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