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Sick And Wounded Michigan Soldiers

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Tiie steamship Oeean Queen arrived at New York, at 8 o'elook, on Fridoy areuing last, direct frora Yorktown, making tho trip in thirty liours, Slie brought nbout 800 sick and wounded soldiers. In the list, as published in tlie N. Y. Tribune of the lOth, we find the fullowing Michigan meu : i'uom stockton's regiment, Wm. H. Cliander, Ezra Bogne, George Price, Chas. II. Baneroft, Jas. 8. liussoll, ]{ufus Goddard, Alonzo Farrbrotber, Stephen J Gun, Mareas II. Earkloy, Jos. S. Howartb, Lorenzo Rico, Jus Humpsted, Gfearj Leo, Augustus Chappel] Hirain Oallup, Edward Jïritton, Jefierson T. Uestlcr, ïhos. D. Clark, ïimothyS.Wheutou, W. Trowbridgc, Frank. B. Alberts, John.YanHoMi, Charles Pitcher, Hiram Hollis, John McLouth, Jonathan Mosher, Alfred Ganinon, Albert Lyon, George Turner, Wm. II. Gilland, died ou the trip. mow tui: Kouiiïii Mtoniaiif. G. H. Hcrvey.Co. 11, J:.r. G Abbott, A. Lcwis, Co. ], L. EëHgg, Jas. Abbott, Co. K, E. G. Carpen tor, E E. Beach, Ezra S. Scott, C. C Cougil, James Evans, J. P. Sargct, A. C, Bellows, S. G. Torley, M. White, G. F. Dewey, Frank M. Bigler, Samuel Clay, John Ilardy, Rilej Miller, J. J. Stutson, George Ethridgo, AV. M. Tallord, Norman B. Sebring, W. N. Worden, J. J. Dorn. Wm. Stewart, Gth Michigan, (probably ïuisiake in Kegt,, Cth not at Yorktown.) Itobert Sheldy, Co. C, Bcrdan's lst Michigan. W'h think sonie of the naincs incorrectly given, but follow tho Tribunas ortograpli}-. Wc also think that ia tho -lth lïegiment list two or thrce of the uames are twice given. These sick and wounded soldiers were probably all iu the hoepitala when the advanee from Yorktowu up tbc peniuula comme nced.


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