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Salt For Cabbages

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A correspondent tast monta speaks of tbc boucfits ari.sinrjfrom the uso of n drussiüg of salt for turnips. Last year I tested tli o valua of sult on cabbages. I watcred thrm sonic twoor three tiroesawse'k witli salt water, which contained abmit fifteen grains of salfc to the pint. Tlio cabbapros grew beautifully, and heidcd up very linoly; wbüc thosa wbioh had nosalt given tbutn producod looss open hendí", wbicli were unfit for any othor purposc3 tlian boiling. Rain water was gi ven them at the same timo, ar.d in tbc same quantitics, as the salt water. I do not know how strong a,B"lution of salt the cabbage would bear without injuvy, but I am fully satisfied tiiat a solution im stronger i than I used is docidedly bonefioial, V'e uro familiar with tlie fact that itis deeidedly fatl to cold blooded animáis. Tliis dcsirab'.e ptepertj nakeg it doubly valuablc to cabbaffes, wliicli suffer


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