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■ [ Camp orpiis; . . c F r, v'r., ) May lOlh, :oG2, $ Deau Brothkb : As you will perceivo by tbo date 1 bis tutter, vo havo pnce more niado nr ïuwai'd movptnent, towarda Richraond ; nnd wo are now cncnmped within 00 milos of that pi advnncu of this army must ncw bo within 15 miles of Kichtpónd. At noon, of Thorsday, wo ètruck tentí, and at a slow paco marcbed to ITorktown, to ombark ou board cl wtoamboats, for a sail pp t!io river to tiiis place. On arrjving nt Yorktown, we lialtcd on tho boach for a riumber ofhoura, waiting for tho rost of the brigiicle to embark. Daring the h-.xh I took tho opportunily ot scouting around soino. As gaoa as v.-o onlered witliin tho o!J pickot iine of Uic rebele, v. o cuine r.cross tho bidden tpiaeswhich tlicy had luid 'o blyw up tho nnlitoky (üdorals wh o shouhl happen io trettd apon them. Thoso wore now mm-Eed - as f;;r as disc.ovcrcd - by a Btako, on uhiiih was placed a white rrvg to war;) i!ie Bolditrs not to approrfoh 'hem. The raad tn within a fefw foét of therr. The 'rt had been tlirown oíF from a nnmber of t'noin. Thoso thnt I snw wo ■; roada of a perciresion Bfaell, buried a fiv inches beheath tho urface of the h)und, nnd so nrrangod that the rno mn! f'oy woro trc:.d on, they would expl.-idc, and send the unlucky man r than a kite. The viliage of Yörktown consists of :i f :-:: ditapiiïated buildings. Tho wnlls fort coinpletely surround it. It is one of the dirtiest places I ever stiw. F'.lth of every klad has co'.lectctl, sis inches de'ep iniida of tho walls. and on lbo outsida of themjthere is no bottom to it, From tho nun;ber of graves that you aeo in all direétións, on the outside of the walla, disease and dfath were no strangeñ nmongst thoin. Had not wc driven the:n from tho place, it s my opinión that the hot weather, acting npon the filth within tho . wouid havo ovontually oornpalled them to evacúate it. As I have said, tho placo was completely surrounded by Walls, or fortifiaationa of eárthworks. Theéé worka werc of very great hoight, and a nnmber of feetin thicifcnoss. Surrounding theso works, on tho outside, was a very deep ditch. On tho top of tho waTl w(!re tnountod numerous cannon, of d.fferent size-, whiüh commandad tho opproaches in every direction. O,i the ineide, and against tho wa'l, steps wero made for infantry to stand and pour their leaden showor upon our troops aa they cnproacliod tho woiks. An open and almost level field ay in front of tho works, over wliich tlio npproaoh had to ba made, Had Gen. McClellan undortaken to tako tho placo vvith liglit nrtillery anti infantry alono, thousrnds of live would have jeoü lint, In tiiat caso I wiU ut venture to sny whethar tho piuco a-ould lave been taken or not. Tha General :;ined to save lires, and ïnaka a suro thing of the placa at the same Úine, ontored upon a. sioge, and the piek and shovel drove the enemy from dieir etror.g hold, I wish you couiil jet tiino to visit Yorktown, look at tbeir works, and then at ourau We etnbarked at 10 o'cloek in the avouing, sailed np the rivor, and anchored oS tliis placo sornotirao duriog thejnight. Yosterday forenooa wt. lauded and pitched our tonta in this place. We probably shall not stof long hero. While I am tfritiog they u-o deiiling out three day' ratipns. - Theso rationa oopsijt of hard bread salt boef, BUgar, aud coöi.'e. The meat as a general thing, is cooked ; the cof fee, each m-tn cnoks for himsclf, and on a mareta it is done ia this v:iy : whpn wo balt for moals eaoh man takos bis pint cup, 61U it with water, then puts hia cofieo in, builds up a littlc fi;o - of anytbiiig thaí will burn - boro wo nava tised cornstulkr., places hia cup upon it, and koeps replenishing it till tbe coSuo is cookod. In this ho soaks his bread - providing ahvays tiiat it will 8oak - oats it alwuys with a littlu galt beef, and oülla his meal endod. Tho first división tbat landed here, had a fight with tho rebels. It took place ra thu rood. Of course il; rebuls wore whipped, but qüite a duidber oí federalista wsro killed tai wounde.l. I BttW and talked vvitli nuinber of men Ibat were in tho fih and they teil porno hr.rd storios abou the outrages perpetrated by the i-ebefs Tho duf fter the fight, they found n nurnber of th'eir men, who had reci ived bul slif'.-.t wounds, with thoir (hroatn ent from ear to e:tr. Ano'bor onó, vvilli a slight bullot won-i:l, had seven bayonet stabs throagh his body. Thev say that theru wure a great many i;e groas in the fight. O;u o( tho?s intaresting specimens of humanity, - that soiho of tlio politicians of tha liorlli s:iy are as good ns whito Bfeo, iind to liberale whoai they woa'd trainplo oü the ;ons'iitution and dostroy thu Ui.inn,was caiight in the act of eiitting the tliroat of a woucdej sildier. i Tho Michigan 2nd and 5th wirj in tlio engagement, that took placo on MonJaylast, near Williamsburg. It is said thoy fought liko tigers, Tho otiomy va3 concoulod behlnd riflo pits. Jn approaohiiig theaa, tho Micliigan boys thi-üvv tho;nsülves flat upon tho grourx!. and wwrjwd tbwneekei along, íiring ovory timo a hond would appoar itbovü the worics, and in this way they reached them. lloro llsoy loadod, ti,;u i-uisod Üieir gun, phic-jj tho muzzios over tbo iotrendfaoMDO, aod ftred amoDgst tiio robéis, tho:i roloadcd und tiic-d again ; aud thus they kept op a oontÍQUOUa fire til! the caro m au d was givon to obafgo bayeoéU, when ttuy wero np in i ino::ünt, and over tho ditch thcy wont, and away went the robels. Tho regiinonts lost quito a nurnbor, how roany or their namea I oaeoot say. The so;int!-y ..j.i vc-ry pleasant here Tho weather 3 vory warm. Fircs arol-aging in lbo wqods, They woro set hy our gunbonts throwing bombshüllls into them on Sur; da v lail. J. P. P. S. Enclosed I sond you Home colton, taken ÍYom a balo that helpsd inuke the erabaokmont around a two hundred ponnder, monnted on tha walla at YorktéwD. This carinan bnrrt; kÜling tho men around it, and t now lieg va tbeground, ori tho nsido of the ïaH, brokoo intil hundreds of ; Tliis eolton w.ia takin trom its bale iy Capt, BaKUV, a'i 1 by (jitn presented to me. Tise captain has just nformed me tbat wo move t ow arda Bicbinond morrow.


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