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Jeff Davis Investing

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-A dent. of tho Philadelphia Premi, under dato of April 15, writcs from ParÍ8 as foüowa : " Jeff. i)av:s is not so wholly devoted to tlie cause of tlio Confederacy, tbat ha negleots antirely to look out for bis own individual 0110 Ou the cont.rary, with a ptudence and foresigbt, wliich oertainiy, under al! the eircumatanees, nra docidodly laudable, lio has been providing for a oontingency, wbich, from prospearanecs, will poon be convertod 'into n reality, I have it from tho most undoubtod authority,frotn .1 source wbioh axcludes tho p ssibüity of nn error, that ho Ikis within the laat four raontba, sent over two buiidrod tbousmd dollars to Franco, wliich is sceni'ely invested for bim in lu-eiio'.; stocks." p-T" An Americ:iti pnpor announced the 1II1WS8 of itaolitor, piously adding : All q n d pnvi vi gobseribèm a-'o reqnrBfccd to niontion liim in their prayera. - Tho othOTB noo.l not, "as the prayera of the wioked avail nothing," aotording to good authority.


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