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An Axe To Grind

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-Oriqim of the Tl;i!M, - " Wlicn I was a little boy," says Dr Franklin, '■ I remaiaber ouü cold winter moriiing, I was accostod by asmiling man with au axe on hia shoulder. ' My prettj boy,' sai J he, 'lias jour father got a griodatona f' ' Yes sir,' said I. ' You are a fine little fcllow,' said lis, ' will vou let me grind my axe on it?' Pleastd with tliü Bompliraent of' fino littld.fallow,' ' 01) yt-s,' I answcred,1 ' it's i! .vn in lbo sbop ' ' And will you, my little follow,' said he patting 1110 on the back, ' göt me a little hot water ?' Could I rel'use ? I ra:i aid soo:i broughta kottle full. ' IIow öld are you, and what's youi' Dame ':' centinued he, without wait ing foï n reply. ' I ara suro you are tho finest little fellow that I ever saw ; will you just turn a few minutos for me ?' Tioklild at thfl ilattery, like a fooi I wont to w rk. aad bitterly did I ruo tlie day. lt was a in w ase, and I toüed and tuggod uutil I was aiinost tired to death. The school bell rang, nnd I could not get away, my hands woro biistored, the axe was Bhauponcd, and tlie man turned to me with, ' Nojt, you little rasoal ! you've playud truant ; seud for school or you wil'l nu it.' Alas! thooght I, it's hiird cnough to turn the gtiudstono this cold day, but to be called a little raseal was too much. It sauk doep in my miüd, and often have I tbougbt of it siüoj. "Wlioi 1 seü,a ineiohant over polite to his cujtümers, uogging th:m to take a little tiiat man ha an axo to grind. When I seo a man flattering the peoplc, making great professions of aüaohrnent to libe: tv, wbo is in private likoa tyrant, raotliip.ks, look out, good people, that fellow would nat you turning a grmdsione. Whcn I seo a man h )igted uto oflieo by party spirit, without a single qualiffSatkm to reuder him respectarlo oí' useful, alaa ! doluded people, you aro doomed for a season to turu tho griuds'.oae for a


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