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Value Of Soot As A Manure

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In responso to au inquiry relativo to tlio worth of soot as a manure, the IVorking Farmsr replies : It3 ehiüf cornponont is carbon, and in so divideu a form as to bo nearly equal to a solution in water. As soot id formed on the sida of tho cliimney, thousands of cubio feet of atmosphero aro passing over it, rnuch dilated by heat, and contaiuing arnmonia ; this is absorbed by soot, its fino carbon rotaining tho atnmODÍa, and in a condilion not defined by ehemjatry, but certainly knowja in practica to havo high vnluc. In Eogland tho soot frorn both coal and bituminous coal i.s habitually saved, and many farmers buy it largely. In this country, soot, iu commoa with many other valuablo substance3 is v'. usted. Soma English farmers use thosands of bushels annually, and with íjreat proñt, applying tweiity five to fifty bushels pur acre. lts great value, hovvover, is for the compost heap, wheru it not only absorbs new quantilies of amiHonia, but assists in insuring tliut kind of' docay of j woody fibor known as ermacaucis, and arresting tho putrid ferrueotatioD whioh frequently is eo violent as to cause tho loss of inuch of tnu volatile producte, producing the condilioü kijown as Jircfanging. Soot may also be used like other finely dividuii black powders, for dusting over young turnips and other plaats infe.sted with the turnip llv, and af ter perforniing this offioe, it will find its way into the BOÍL


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