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The Gunboats And Richmond

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- ' ' - ii m ni - - From the Rlchmocd Examinar, Haj 10 I he tuno has passed when liichrnond eould be taken bv gunboata - Althoogh much work reín&ina to be dono on tlio fortificaüoos to ronder thera secure from land attack and Btgü operations, it may bo regarded as o:e corlaiu tbing, that tho enoniv wili not ascend tho river in vessels,- Tho position of Drury's Bluffpossessos a natural ñtreníjtli acarcelv to be conceived by thoso who havo not stood uiion t. No game of ]ong taW is possiblo. The turn of thu rivor tliut bins the boato in Mgtit is onlv bx hur.dred yards distant. The bluff is a ridge.of comb. To sbell oven au uncaHinated baüury there from any distunee vvould bo a diflicult, if not un ble óperutioo. Tho jivor ia not a liuiuirod yards wido, and tho entiro luniks appcar to have beun oreated for the esproaa ue of shurpafaoutoca. If we cannot stop the Yankees there we had just as weil give up all idea üf sell defentse. But when only three gnns were in position tho place was tot) strong for the Galena, the Monitor, and five other crack vesselí. Noüe of lliein were ablo to test tlio strength of tho obstructions in the channel, for tho Galena alone, the heaviest ron-ciad vessel in tho United ■ Status navy, dared to come vrithio two hundred and iifty j'ards. Hire she soon got enough, was he'ped ofi by her cornrades, and noua oí' ílioin will bo likely to ocenjiy her place. Without a land arniy oí Btifficient forcé to surround and overeóme the Confedérate troops who defend the place, it is impregnable. Two deductions may be inailo íroni the luie alfuir on tho James. First, that gunbonU are impotent in rivera with any bluil or b:ink suflTuienlly elevuled to throw tbing like avertioal tire upon l fiero. Secondly, ti tal Kithmond must be coosidered bereafieF as an interior inland town, not alLuinable by ;he naval forcé of the enen)', to bo íought for and defunded, or won, by the oporations oí tho army alone.


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