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The Retreat Of Gen. Banks

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iho whelu ountry was throwri into a tremendous st.tito of exciloment on Monday, by thoannouncoment tbat ono división of (xen. Banks' urmy had been dufeated : that bid whnla onny whh rapidly rotreftting down tha valloy of the Bhetrandoah ; thnt Gea. Jos. Joh.vston, Gen. Jaoksox, nnd (Jon Ewkll were inhoipursuil ; antjihatthoOouedr erate forcos had ovacuatud Ricbinond and wero about to cschango it iov Washington. Tho iigiiL and retreat to.ik place, the other diré oviís wore iinuginary. Maryland and Peiitisylvania liavo not been invadod, and Washington i.-i still safe. Tho retroat, f Gongressmen ara to bo believed, was oaused by tho withdrawal ot a portion of Ba.nk'ó force to strengthen McDowhd,, and was a Strategie Ui movament of the President. It would süL-ni, too, (hnl tho pursuing rebels djjBvered tho strategy, and took tho back track, ! t lenst Htopped tho pursuit. Tho National inUlhgencer snys tliat thero was no real aluna at Washington, ar;d no rcaaon for iiiiy, and so tho country may broatho IroeWashington dispatobea of tho 28th, suy tbat the goverLraoot has hope that the wbole rebul iorce that ventttred itito the viiiK.-y will be uut olï frona retreat and eopturwd.


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