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-Robert Doan. a well to do farmer of Lima, coinmitted suicide on the 28th inst., by eutting bis throat with a razoT, willi wbich be had just been shaving. Mr. D. had been suffering lor about six weeks from partifll insanity. He leaves a wife, two daughters, and a largo oirclo of i'nends to mouni bis loss. GT We invite aUeotioo lo tbo prospectus of a '' Slale Gazrtleer i.nJ Business Directory," for 1862, nov in process of publicotion at Detroit by Ciiaulks F. Cr,.AKK. We think Mr. C. designs to mako it a full and correct work, and of permanent value to all business men. ÍSP The June uuiubui' of the Ladics1 Reposüory hus two fine engravings, " Mount Hermon," and a portrait of Rey. Henry Bochm. The list of papers ineludes, as always, a largo number both readable and instructivo. $2 a ycar. Address Messra Poe: & Hitchcock, Cincinuati, Ohio. Í3P The June number of the Atlantic Monthly is on our table. Among its papers are, " Walliing," "War and Literature," " The Sam Adains Hcgirncnts intheïown of Boston," "The Health of our Girls," " The Horrors of San Domingo," " The South Breaker- coutinued," ': Methods of Study iu Natural History,'' " Solid Operations in Virginia," and anotlier Bigelow Paper - " Suutliiu' in the Pastoría! Line." 3 a year. Address Messrs Tick.noii & Fields, Boston, III UB III ËP" We have received the June number of the Edectic Magazine. It a embellished with a portrail of the late Prince Albcrt, very artistically engraved from photograph. The leUerpress contains, including the very readable table of LUerary Misoellaaiea, eighteeii papers, seleotions irorn nino loading Biiüsh periodicála. Among them are " Uonternplution oí the Hünvons," " Our ArtiHery Prospects," "The City of the Sun." "Recent Revolution in the Papal States," and " Edwurd Forbes, the Naturalist." The Edectic tnnkes threo tíne volumes annually. - $5 a year, with abeautiful pailor print, or a fiplendid portrait of Edwanl Everet, to each new subscriber. Address W, H. BlDWüLL, 5 Beekman Street, N. Y. B@. We hcar coiuplaints from many of our citizeus that their gardens and yards are being robbed of plauts, shrubs, flowers, &c, and that these depredations are in niany instanees perpetrated by persons so old that tbey would not relish being called boys and girls. The Superintendent of Forest Hill Cemetery also complains that the sacred grounds in his care are trespassed upon almost daily, that flowera are plucked, plauts dug up, and other acts done not at all in keeping with the place, evidencing a total disregard of propriety and riglit. Our citiens owc it to themselves to see that these petty pilferings are stopped, and the Comtnon Council would do well to pass some ordinance relating to Cenietery grounda, under which the officors of tlio Cemetery Compauy referred to can pun ish depredators.