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A Hint To Pear Growers

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I 'ï;r. .! VS : y v 1 , ■ '■ lío . we :w.i a ■ for 'yvung p r ticotl i;.i!. t:iiu plaiil i1 yenbrOMght vory !,:. fy fjihtbi! I ll'ül : ï!' l . ' ' . ( );i jskin io see iiia p ar ir ■( ::, he sm 1 J, i .1 . .' ! ' suol) a He li I us lo a ;q tare psi ing !:is vojoiahle gunai, whgïe fivc tree.--. a(l of tlicin on ttie ijuiuce stuek. A few t!i iü, : s li i 1 :;t n glonce. Fïist, tiic wöod w:!s liua'n . ; the bark was cleüT pf h a brïghl ;, tlie troi :n well 1 1 o :i:ilio start, The luwcr bran ■' it at about eigbteon inches fr jü'. the gn und, :nul they wem tlie l:irjrist nivd strongest of nli. The o; her tiesa of brai a laally to ;i jjoittt at the top, tli - pi rimdg b j'.v!;,i: : . haudsmue fir-treo. 1 far. Ík;! mcans tliis ii stiaw spread nll over tli grottnö ? ' 'J'hat'a my snmuier mul el), giri ray soil is ratber sandy, and is opt to suflfer froiü droutli in in;u suminur; so I cover it with - ■ is btauket. T i. st'raw is brigbt anJ oleun, so itdon't brinj' i:i vermin nör scedarof wóeds; aud then, it i.s su light and opeo, it does uot pruvont freo circulation of air ai:d mois ture nb'jut tlie roots of tlio trees. I g'it tliis idia from Mr. Charles Downing, who is the fatlior of many goed iJeas " On a little closer examinstion, we foui:d t-hat tue straw was laid about six iuehes thick over the entike fruit arden, paths and all. Our friend said he spread it on in the month of June, just after th ground had raceived its.Spring dressing and cleariing. Whoii oure down, it saved the labor of any furtlier liocing uutil tbc middla of Septeinbcr, wlicn it was removed to allow the yoang wood ]iloi:ty of tilup to ripe'n up hurd and bright bcforo winter. If k-ftmi tb the wintiir, it was epite iro tó l micéi Just bcförc cold weather 8 ourfriend . bit ur winding a ! üröiiud the truuk of !iis treos. He thouht this would preveu sudJeu i! ■■■.-!:■;; u!' t!( bark after nartP freozii ' eacli tcce lialf a b;is!:i'l of liálfrotfed nnnure, spread ing it as Par a i cstending over the grou The forfi iii ■ ff :' ■ ' f Ilis I metbod of rAiáing regalar and Lsndi of paars i: die ijui'ice stock The lbor i ' - down the straw and gathcring it up, was muoh les I I us. t h au t! ■■: cultivation t)f tho ', if i. t ulchcd.- 4#.


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