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rOBLISHKD BVEKY Frisa ïohbi. In th Third Woryof theBrick lilock.. corner of Ham aud Iluruu SI reets Sun Qtba.WwWmto licbigw, Entrance BB HM Bi ■ l ■ öi t f Uk frankUn. ELIHÜ B. JPOISTD Eklitor and IJublisiier. rKllMS, $l,5O A YE AR IK ADVAKCE. ADVERTIS1NG . One tquare (12 Unes or les.) une wtnk, öUcents; and !5 oents for eïcry Inaertioil thereafttr, less than three Die sauare3moatUs....S3 Quartsrool. 1 year $id )n do 6 do S Haircul'mn 6moK IS ín. do lmi 8 "alf do 1 Jtl 35 pwo q're 6 mo. 8 I Ono io e mus .;. Jwo do l.v,ar JOne do lyoar CO y A'Iverti.scinents anaftcompailied by writtftn orvoi-„] iirections will le published uutil orclered out, and eharged accordingly. I'al adTertiSfments, first insertion, 50 OOott pOT iiüdj 25 cents per folio for each sabaequftnt insertion. IVhfn o. pistpnneniont iií added Ui an advortisemrnt the r hol will be cuargt'd Die same a lor lirst insertion. JOS PKINTINO-. rtmphlats, Hand-Wllí, irculars. Carrls, Ball Tiol:et, tnd tier varieties of 1 l in and Fancy Job Printing, lecuted svith promptnres, ind in tlie hkst BTTIA BOOK BINXING. Connected with tlie OITice is a ñmk Bindery in cliarge 5f a competent witrknian. Coosty Records, Iedfrerp, Journals, nul all kind of Blank Books made to order. iod oftliebest -tock. Pamphlets and Perlodioals bound n a neat and du -able uiann.r, at Detroit pcices. Enrune.ntoBindervtlivoiiel) laoüa (Me.


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