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The End Of The Invaders Of New Mexico. Albuquerque, N. M., May 11

The End Of The Invaders Of New Mexico. Albuquerque, N. M., May 11 image
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The Texans have, froni last dates, continuud tboirretroat to El Paso, and I presume will leave the country entiruly. They wtra grcatly deraoralized, broken up iu b;inds, and devastating the ooanlrj, and thrcateuing to kill their General, Sibley, who, they say, deceitfed theia by uforuitng theui that it was onty necessary tu macea into the country, who wcre auxious (o recelve theui, and all they had to do was to drive out the Federal officefs, and that thcy would live and possess the couutry in oase aud luxury. 'The Colorado Volunteers (Pike's Peiiker.s), and some 1,000 reculáis, aro at and iu the vicinity of Fort Craig, uuder eomuiaud of Colonel Paul. Gen Canby has re-establlshed bia hcadquarters at Santa Fe, where ho aud the general staff are at present. THE i:.KMY DR1TEN ÏBOM NEW MEXICO. UBTBH8 DW'T OF Nkw MkxICO, ) bANrA Fi!, ihi, i. j ("XKIIAL ORDKK NO. 41. The Colonel commanding desires to expresa bis grateful appreciatioa of the couduct nud services of tho troops in thw departinent, tested, as thev have been in the past four ïuoutha, by twogeneial battles, many skirmislies, and much toilsoino and laborious service. Darinij and energetic in aotion ; pa tieut and Foliant when poücy dictated a different course ; endarióg with eijual coustaucy and fortitude privtttionS of food, of clothing and of rest ; foreed marches ; the snow storm of the mountains and tho sand storras of' the plains, they have driven a superior force üf the euemy into the mountains, forced hiin to abandon bis trains, bis supplies and his plunder, to leave his sick and wounded by the wayáde without care, and often without food, and finally to abandon a j country which he had entered to "con-! uer and oeeupy," leaviug behind him, ■ in dead and wounded, aud in sick and ] prisoners, one-half of his original force. The resolta have not beeu attaiued without Bt'rious losses, and the laarela woa at Valverde and Apache Cauo!i,hal luwed the bi'jod if many brave and noble men, will ever be a bond of uti ion and friendship between those who have struggled together to freo New Mexico frons the doniinatiou of an arrogant and rapacious invader, By order of Col. E B. S. CANBY. Gukokn CiïAi'ix, Captain Seventh InfuDtry, A. A. General.


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