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Capture Of An English Steamer

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PlIILADliLFHIA, JlltlU 2. Tho English irou stéamer Cambria captured by tho gunboat liaron aí'ter a chuso of tivo bours oft Charleston, has arrived. She hails Irom Qarjiele, and mded froin Liverpool Cor Nassau, and tlienco lor Charleston, and was captured wbile atiernpting to run tlio blockado and taken to Port Roy al, The cargo consistn oí liqnors, ootton, medicines, Jvníickl rifles, &c. EtSgT Xho apjjiaisers on Col. Sam Colt's estáte make the whole amount of liis property foot up over three millioiis of dülhirs, (yXotwithstandiiig the war, building oporations are going om in Jiostuu with great activity. In ward Kleven alone about two hundroil buildings, pcinoipally of brick, are going up, eosting from 4,000 to 6,000 back g The bank noto compauics have forvyarded to Washington up to tliis linie $86,000,000 cf the uew legal tender notes. Thü reinaining 4.000,000 w ï 1 1 b linished this weck. The companies are now fully engaged on the new 5 20 year bunds.


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