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What We Sow We Shall Reap

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Th ere wan once an om m:in wnose ovoïj liad become dim, bis ears deaf. When ho eat ut tlio dinner tablo be' cou'd hardly hold on to his Rpoon, so thrtt sometimos he spilt tha soup on th oloth. His kou and daujüffiter-iii-IuW were mnch displeasttd vi:h this; Bt hist ihoy put liim na corner beland ihe stovc aiul liim loud in a liltle aarthen puil. lia nevar got is mnuh a.- he could eat, and ho would olten look touiirda the table with wet vet Ibngiüg eyes Une d iv his shaken hands let the little fall, and it was brokcn Tlio woinan scohied, bnt he said nothing : he only eighed They liro.ight a vvooden trnigh for hiin. Once as he was thllH sittins in the corner, his Httle grardchild, iibout four yeara old, was piaying on the floor near hiin, with Hume of wood. " What ni-o you rnaking ?"' asked thft father smilingly. ''I sm making a trongh," ansvvered tho child, i'fSr father and mother to eat from when they are old and 1 am grown big." Tho man and bis Iookcd at each other in sileñue. They brought their old father bacli to the table and gav.) him as vr.uch as ho wihed, and they never again spoke angry when his trembling hands spilt soup on the cloth.


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