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Letter From Lieutenant Brown

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Camp MicnioAx Eighth Rkoimkxt, ) James I iaxd. Juno f21, 6V2. J A. 11. H.vt,l : Djeau Sir: - J urn ander tho painful necessity of iufoniiing you that jour sod, ëuoenb V. N. Hall, rceeived a wouod ar.d was taken prisoner duriug the engagement with the rebels on tliis Island, on the 16th of this month We, (tbc 8th Michigan and the 79th New ïork), fhargcd on their fnrtifieations wliich were very stronp We were not, as wc should have been, supportcd in tho charge by other regiments, and were conseqnently obliged to fall back, leaving our killed and woundcd, the number of which was very great. The first flag of trace which was sent out reported but a small amount of our loss. We have aiuce aeut another which reports your son, together with others of our company, as being wounded. He is in the hospital at Charleston. The bearers of the flag of truce state that the boys are receiving the best of medical treatment; that the ladies of Charleston bring them in littlc delicacies, &e., and that they are very well treated. Ecgexe fought brarely.' He was next to the Captain in mounting the parapets of the fort. The Captain was also wounded, but escaped bciug taken prisoner. Eugene, while on the parapets was heard to say, "Take good aha, boys, and don't waste a shot!" He is a brave boy, always performhig his duty well and never cumplaining. I miss hun greatly, but amglad it is no worse. I am Sir, Your Friend and Svmpafhizer, Lientenant Commanding Company H.


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