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Death Of Col. D. A. Woodbury

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Intelligcnce of the Jcath of Col. Dwight A. Woodbury, briefly announced in ihis paper Saturday afternoon, is confirmed by the dispatcbes rceeivcd thisaf'ternoon. The intelligeuce has spread a deep gloom over the whole communily. Fiags throughout the city, on reccipt of the sad news on Saturday, were immediately placed at hsilf-mast, and cmblems of mourning appeared at the Windows of Masouic Hall, and at the doors and windowa of luany places of business, nnd they have remained so since, The fccling everywherc,espcciaüy with all who knew Col. Woodbury intimately, ia that of deep and lasting anguish, tor no man of our community ever was regarded with more genuice brotherly affection than he. Ha mg grnwn np hero aud lived here during all of hifi manhood, his generous, gentle nature had attracted all his ac quaiulances to liim with a strength scarcely inferior to the tics of consanguinity. Col. Woodbury was killed in the sanguinary battle of Tuesda}', July lst, on the bauks of tho James íliver. ]iy a singular coineideiice, that day was his wife's birth-day. He would havo been thirty five years old next December. - He was the first field offieer of the Michigan miliíary organizalion, to offer his services to the governmont, to sustain the constitution and the laws at a time wlivn their violation was only threatcned. Bis ofi'sr was accepted with thanks; ticvertheless, when tho First Regiment was organized, be was only offored the post of secoud in cornmani], which hn declined. He was then offorcd the cominand of the Fourth llegimcnt to bc raised, which he aecepted. We nced not reruind our readers of his indomitable perseverance and liis succe's ia organizing and drilling his regiment. There has not been a more efficiënt regiment in McClellan's army than the Michigan Fourth, Gen. McClellun has seemed to appreciate the regiment in this liglit, as when the Chickahoininy was to be cross cd for reconnoissance, the Fourth was S'.-lected for the important servi(je,and in the performance the regiment covcred itself with glory. Iu prompt response to tho wishes of the pcople, Mayor Croswell called a meeting on Saturday evening, whioh was beid. and n.easures were adopted to bring his remains home and to pay proper respect to his memory. In answer to an inquiry of the committee appoiuted by the meeting, a dispatch was received frora Judge Hcaman yesterday, stating - ' Colonel Woodbury is killed. His body cannot be got now. Every effort will be made to procure it. John Adams is here. I will write you." Mrs. Woodbury has been staying in Washington several mouths past. To her and a youug daughttr, the death of the Colouel comes with crushing weight. Tho father of Colonel Woodbury now resides in Iowa."