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ïhe pure, the bright, the besutifn!, That eiirred pur hi arts in youtli, The impulse lo i vrordlega prnyer, Tly.' üri'amsuf love and iriuh. Tbc lengingi ometbing lojt, Tlio spi i its' yen ni i tig cry; Theïtrivings nftes bel ter hopea, These I.hiugs o;m licVti' diu. The timid hand slreichtd forth tu uid A brii'Jior in hi-, nood, Tbe kindly Word iu frief's durk hour Th:i pruvi - tha tri n3 indeed. The plea for inorey, softly hreathd, Wbea jüstice tluoütcns high; The sorrow of a contriie haart, 'l'li-'ao ihings sholl Bever die, Tlio meinory of a olaaping bnnd, Tlio pi' of n kiss, Aud all the trifles, eweet and frail, Tint inake up love'e first blis. If wi'.h a firni, unclianging fuilb, Aud holy Iriist, atid high,! hands have cluspcd, those lips liave met, Tluse tilinga thall never die. Tlir eruol :vn 1 ihn bittor word That woundod na it Ml; The chilliög want of symjathy, We feel but never teil. The hard tepulse thnt cliill the heart, lioso bopfrt vero bounding higbt In fin unfading record kept, Tlicee things sli;.ll never die. Ld BOthing pass. forevery hftnd Must 3nd Bome wnrk to du ; Lose not a chante lo w1íen love - Bc linii and jupí, and Une. So sh.-ill a lighr, that cuunot fade, i; ■■ii, i.ii i li.c frota on high, And áng] voíces say to thee, Tbesu things shaïl nevtr die.


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