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Employing Negroes In Our Camps

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Á letter toom Gen. MoCleilan, tbs sub-tar.c.e .t vvl ich was givon in the Tunes of yesterday, correots nno'.hor of lbo many misupprelienions whiot) havo taken poaéession of tlio public nini]. liu g tuten thst ho has roceivad :i I tho negro slaves who have ciuie tp tiis eurnp fr protection, and that ho han oi!)lyed them in diging troncha, atteuding to tho snnitury condilionof tho ouuip, üiid othur work of Ihis kind. - Th. s wejknow to bo porfoelly true. - ]5ut thu nnmber of aiich nqgcosa wh) fali iiitu our hands, and survioea thus becfine ayailable, is muoh maller thilü i gene-rally Huppimod. Thuro iriay bu a thuusand al Km trcss Monioe, tivo or sis hundrcd :it Y"orkt)wn, ind as rn.iny more in MuClullitn'd urmy - w. men and ohildretl includod. Tlmso aro ixtt enoügh tó rcli(jvo our troop u my very great extont, in building lortitications, digging tronchos, &u. 13nt what Few thai are tliero aro kept at ork. Tliere is a very loud dt-nianil ust now, on tho part of tho public, for tho em[ilovineut of sluye labor in our cainps. 'filia is perftíqlly natural and proper - Tho rotje Is have einployed iheir slavun in Camp work from Ihi beginnlng. Jndeccl, il ir i'iotty woll unOerntood ruw ihciso soutl.ern inen weroright who said t!iat slavory would lie un elcinont uf ttrengik Ui tho Öouth, iimttmd if weaknenf, in tlio ovoni oí' a war. The .-lavos du all thü hard work of llic cumpi, dig all the ireiwliw, buihl all tho lorts, drag all tho oiinnon, and leave tlio whiles frjo and froili for drilling and lighting. S. fnr tho shivcs havo sbown no dij)"sition to rebol ugïinst this umige. They work npptireniiy as zaaloasly and ith as LikkI wil) as their masters, in tlio rebel serviuo. At no tiniu within the pi. si teiity tive yeaCD has tlui 3outb buen sd fcee tVoin üogro insiirrootioiw, as {uf as we oan jiidüo, as now. Il cortainly is a matter if tho greatest iin[)ii'taiK:o that, in Borne way or otheiv vv'o should dopriva the robóla of his jowei lul woiTp 'il whioh they are usinu; aainst us. Bul we seo i.o way in whioh it oan bo tlono umi I wo bïive beatón their armios. They keep the oegroed al work now, and havo the benefit of their labolö, Iieoauso they huVö tho control of lliem. All uloRg ihu Poilinsutu, a.i i wlierevor Uien!i''os h:ivo i'elre-tled lieloin our ar,1-, tliov h.ivu t ken the pblo-Uudied noroos iih tfieui, loving on uur liando (Hilv tha nld, c o intimi, aud th woiiieu n ti tl ehildren. Tnese, fir tbc i.iimt pari. ar.3 a buidon to us, as we havo to suppoft thoiii. Just as i'ist as c wh:p tho rebels. vo can avail onrsolvcs of tho Uib'i' ui their slaves, umin faittr. Wherevor WH eau f;et thein, vvo oiiíiht to use (tem. And wo hope that the day is DOt ott' whan we ean count the nuuibers of thern engaged npon our cjunpwin k by tho ten thousand, iurtead of by the hundre.d, ns tmw.


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