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Capture Of Charlottesville

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VVttshingtonJuly 20. A special ti) tho Tribune, Waehinit ton, 20i i), sys; "Wu havo nrivme froui WiirrcniiHi p to this evening. - The news that Gen. Ilatoh has rauofaed Chiirli'ttesvillo :md out ofl the must m portant so urca ot rehel supplies, is the Mi'iject of geënt n j-icing 11 the arinv. These botd mtjvoinéiita nul thu reuetit wurltke ortleis t íicncríil Pope, bejíin tu inspiro Bomething liku ndíoirutñ (nr hilll uniony; tho Dldiers wtuj have nol as yet suun tho face of thuir coinmamlLT. 'In obedieneo to tho spi l as well as the t emfHjr of Gun. Pu'.-t instruetions the rioh and afislooralio rebels ot Wttrron'on have alreadv buon placed tl n der contiibiilion fur the support of the national anny. The leadiflg f.nnilies have rooeived norico that uil their Rpure hèd ulothmg will bo requtred lor our sick ;md wonnded soldiers and uil tho UBDOüupiud rooms in their maiisious, amf, if necessary, tho onliro buildingá will bo nscd as hospitals. "Citl. Meyers, f McDowell's rtaff, to-ilay took posse8ion ut' Dr. Barton' larga female seminarv Two thousand siok can easily böiiccommoduled. The grounds and spiings surr:)i'mlinr the liot.'ls nd cottages are said t. be finer thati any otlier watering plaeo in the whole country, aad all thu loailing phv■iicians in tho army ot Gen. Pupo are of the opininion that not ono huif soinany ileatln will occnr hero aö in tho hojiilal i at Wanliinsitiin. 'The teleLT' apti linos were campletecl to Sj.f.'ryvillo le-dav. (tcip. l'opo tmw las lelegrupltiu eoniinunicalion wilh bU lliree anny corps."


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