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Marauding Cattle

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Gattle may bo educated iuto almost anything. A qmet eow mny be converted into a skïllful jumpi ; iü a single season. Tho first recputsite fot suoh training is short f'cjií, rosulting froru over ttoeking. Tlie seeond ís low fcnces; and the third, t i ptiug cropi of;orn byond tliesu iow ii'iiig, gras3 is usually good, and ooru aid other crops are smal; and uuiuvitiug ; but duriug soine mid . summer . tare is dricd up, tho proceas often bcgioa. Oneor two raus re aoidentálly knocked or blowu ir.'iu the i'eüCf ; tlie qaitt and orderly animáis strttch thcir huads ovor tu reaoo s, morscl of tlio taü grabé ; they throw dowu accidentully two or tliroo more rails, aud ihialiy leap over. The owner drives thci:i out as soon as tlioy have learnod tha diflerence bctwoun delicious food on onc sida and s'.iort qömmoris ou the other, and puts up a rail. Thuy Lave already learnad to leap a Hule, and tlie nest day they inprove and go a rail higlier. Auotlicr rail is added, and the process is repeatad uutil they becoine quite expert. Ifc is now a vcry busy scaaon, but tho farmer should not neglect his fences ; if rails are thrown down replaee them befüre cattlo liud it out; keep fences high at all times ; and it tho animáis should actually break through, add rails enough to make thé barrier eutirely impregnable at once.


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