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'""CARDTCARD S ! ! CARDSÜ! Havin nurcliased a Rcooute Rotary Diamond Card Pr..,witbnnemortment of Card type, theRGV Offlceis prepared to print Oards of all kinds in tb ...te.tpossihle-.tyl, and t a great reduct.on from ormer price, BolneK Crf f'"'.".."1 „"l.tn3profMlon, 1U11, Weddinp and ,s,tmR Ctd, etc. etc. Call.ïive u3 yours orders and se how it B Mie AU Losses prompt ly adjusted MERCHANTS' INSURANCE CO,, OF HAETPOED, CONN. Cash Capital, $200,000. Total Assets,Jn. lat, 18(2, - ;,3.7-" Liabilities, - - " " l'-8.4,UK MARK II0WARD, TlTsidcct. E. Tnos. Lobdell, Secy. The undersiRllM has Ijo.n arrnted Agent for the bor. rrfiable Cnm,.a--..v, and will eflect ImlUW Druat reasouab'.crates r tond Ann Arbrr, June 2, 1SG5. 8Ii5'f W. N. STRONGNALL, DüIsTkLEE & Co., WHOLSSAI.E an3 RETA1I. denlor in Dry Goodf, Carpt,n, Iloor Oil Cloth, Keatheri, l'aper Hanging. , od igoueralassortment uf Furuislung Ooods, No 74 Woodward Avenue, Corner of Urncdrt., ■ - - I'ETPOIT, Mlch ta,.OrJcrs solicited and promptly stleoded to-ffi 8O.)y) RAYMOND'S PhotogrniJliic and Fine Ai't (A Li. ER Y Ira, 205 aud SOT Jí-íferson Avenue, DETROIT. ■.hot05rpliP,I.Sizc,colored or plain, cabinet, lm,r.l Melamotypes. Dsguerreotypee, AmbrotM, lía. W-CAED PláUXa by the Deren nrhou aad. Ï7O. O. F. ITTASHTSNAW LonGE No. 9, of the Independent W 'order of Odd Fellows meet at their Lodg Roem, rery Fridav eveninp, at 7i o'clock. E. KICHABDüON, N. O. ü. Soxpheim, ec'y. ' L. bTUBBsT" TTolrsai and Retail Dealer in Tobacco Cigars fce.. W Mai„t.-sign of " B.g Lidian." ftanklm Block, lnn Arbor, - "'""■ ÍTG SUTI1EULAND & SON, irHOI : SALu: AND RETA1I. Grocersand Commission V Meren.. ta, East sMe Main.-treet Ann Arbur J. M. SCOTT. l xïrottpü & Photoiikph Aktisis, in the room formerlyoccupiedbyCordley, over tlie stort of Sperry t Moore i'erfect satisfaction guaranteed. ' RISDOM &HÉNDEKSON, nEAIKR-Sin Ilürdnare.Stoves, housi furnishinggoods, Tin Ware Sec. to., N'ew Hlock, Main Street. A. P. MILLS, Djulkb in Staple Dry Goods, Grocerics, Boots Ud bhoe nd Ready Made Clothing, Huron Street Ann Irbor BEAKEa & ABEL, rronxiTSi: Cocsseli.ors ít Ij, and So'.icitors in Chanery. Office in City Hall Block, over Web(er Í Co'B Bun Store, Ann rhr KINGSLEY & PORGAN, k TIORNETS, Counsellors, Solicito, and NotorietPub lic, have Books and 1'liUa showing titles of all lands h the LoOQtr, a.i.Utlend.toconveyimcinKandcollecting 3mand,ind to payiaii taxes and school interest .n ai.y rl of the State Office ut wie of Wl# Bqe. Ann Aryot. - Wm. LEWITT, M. D., PBTSinAX k Scrkeon. Office ut Kis rei-idoneo. Norili side ofHurou street, and -id housï West of División Kreet, Aun Arbor. O. COLLIER, l yfjiNUFACTüRKBan-l dealer in Boots aud SLoes. 1 VI door West of Ihe Post ' ffico. mn Arbor, Slicli. MOOEE & LOOMLS. ■ - ixcr_CTrRKB8 nnl dealer in Boots and Shoes, .VL Phoeuix Block, Main Street, one door Nortb ol V.fbington. M. GUITERMAN & CO ,, ITTnotïSJiUï and Retail dealers and nwniificturers of W Ee4yMjideClothinj, Iraporters of Cloths, Cassiren, Doeskins, &c. No. 5, New Block, Ann Albor. C. B. PORTËrT" ,_ SCROEO Dentist. Office corner of Main á_ fc and Huron streets, over 1. Bach's store, TfWi-Wa Ann Albor, Jlicliigan. JJTP April, 1859, Wm. WAGNER, DXAUr.H in Reaiiy Made Clothing Cloth, Cassimeres and Vostings, HatB,Ca)s,'i'runks,CarpetBag, Sc. llain it , Ann Arbnr. BA'JIl & PIERSON. Dkxlkrb in Dry Goo1r, Grocerien, Hardware, Boots k Shoefl, kc, Main strf-et, AnnArbor. SLAVVtíON & GEER, 1rockrs, Provisión & CominiKsion Merchants,anddeaJT lersin Watefi Lime. Land I'lastkh, and Plastkk o? _Ri8,one door Kast of Cook's Hotel. C. BLISS, DïALERÏnClocIis, AVatcliPi, Jewelry. and Fancy Coods, ut the sign of theöig Watch, No. 27, Phcenix Iilock J. GTVVATTS. DtM.r.n in Clncks , Wat ches , Jewelry and Silvcr Ware No 22. New Block, Ann Arbor. T. B. FREEMAN."" f)ARHER and Fashionable Hair Dreaser, Main Street, I Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair FrontB and Curls Lept onstantly on aand. SC H OFF & MILLER. Dealers in Miscellancüus, School, anti Blank Books Sta tionerj, Paper HangJogs, &c, Main Street Add Jlrbor. D. DkFOREST. ITf UOL53ALK and Retail Dealerin Lu moer, Lath, Shtn piert, Basa, Doors, Blind. Water Lime, Grand River ?Unter, 'Master Paria, and Xaüs -f all ifzei. A ful] and porfect a-tsortraent of the abovp, and ftll oHirr tiads ol building materia lr const.intly on hand at the lowcit possililo rfttes, on Oetroit treet, a few rod froni th Railroad Depot. AIbo operatlng extenaively ín the Piitont Cement Roofinjr. W4SÜTESÍWC0USTY BI BLE SOCIETY. DSPO91TOBT of Bibles anil Testament ot the Society prUaa t W. O. Vnnrli!'. CHAPÏJi, WOOD & CO., SUCESSOE P TO MANUFACT"ilFKf OF Print, 33aolL., ANP- ' COLORED MEDIUMS, W3rz,xxy33.& Papor.c. ann Aisnnu míen. SPECIAL NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS. ALLiicctiuntiiovpr six muntlis muit be ícttled at onci. Cali :i the offlee amlpay up. A well nelectolt stock of Ne (uodn Cheap for CBh. 821 tf MAYNARD , STBBBIX i Wil f ON. Til 15 PEORÍA MARINE &FÍ RE ] NSURANCE COMPANY. OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Capita!, - - - 8500,000 U of the HEAVIEST, PAFEST and IÍFST Inmirsncr Oo'. in the U. S. lasares on reasonabl termK, una al 'aya paj promptl. Thore is no botter Firc Insuranc Cómpaoj


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