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Obstetric View Of Our Present Troubles

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Mr. Di)oliulu of WUcon?in,in a Jutc speech made in the Seríate, touk an obí-tetnu viovv oí our country' condition. ' He said : Alruady Ui America tha mother of liberty ; but she did not yieid ill her ulFpiing at a single birth. The Revoluüon und the teven years war whh Greiit Britain which fo:lowed was her first pnrturitioo. Duriny that long period of throes and palm and agony und blood, she guve her tirstborn birth - liberty, ay, liberty tor the white man and not iiberty lor the black. Now, tigain, in God's own time, and in a way that man knows not of, is in the agonies ol her second child-birth. be deliverd. In soma wny, no human bjing can foresee, this war, f'orced upon the country by the madneís and lanaticism oí tho South, vvill, as all hearts believe, never end untü slavery is put in proces of li.ial extinctiotij until libo:"t y lor tlie black man, the .sef.Diid (itfspring oí America, shall be boni. 'l'his is tho period if her seoond pMiturition. her (Jours of paini and throes, of b'ood agony and tuurs It is a .me tliat demanda of all her connsell'its and advisers, in tina trying hour piitienco and feli-poession, conlnes.s and courago, and, above all, that stoadiness oí purpoan and üxedness of reolve which comes only froin abiding taith in God. Sir, the child is there ; it must be born; ÍU penod of gestation is nearly over; the labor pains of parturition have bemin. Let thero lio no fanatioal excitemont, no attempt to f orce nature b'.-f'ore her time; let every Rerve be steady ; let every noill possess itsell in patieuce ; gird up every eaergy, and learn to labor and to wait, Would hat it were ro, Some, in the excitement of the hour, i:rge iminediate dulivery before it is timo. With knifo and bloody hand and one deep gah ihey would perform a gigíintic Cesarean operation, at tho imminent danger of dostroying boih the mniher and her offïpring. Ólhers, with less noisy zeal but with cooler and cleurer heads and uteodier nerven, ai'd, in tho same proportion, with more tixed determination sav '" take care ol the mothor; savo nll her slrength;await upon assitt miturein her la' orw ; let no rashness or insano foliy dwtroy at the same blow b:th tho mother and tho ehild ; let us save thetn boüi."


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