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Soldiers Remembered

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If you writo to a soldier, lriend or relativo i ihe unny, ueïng u common euvelope nnd h sheet of f.olscap paper, you inuy aUo add, withwit exooouing the weight, íor wtiich a three cent postado-slump uill pay, us muoh tea us i teaspoon will tak e up twit-e, or us muoh black or oayene peppur, sucn ns is obtained from n drug i-tore under the nump of 'Capsicum," as yon can luke up onuo vviii u Oommon teaspoon, and thj Binaller envelope of thin pnper to hold eitlier. Chowing tho fea u pinoh at a time, every hour or huif hotir, vhiln keeping guard, or undiir circumstiinuet) of great thirst, or excesivo weurinesá or sleeplitiea, will enliven, will modify thirst, wil] avigórate, or wiil waken up to a grateful extent, conndering the amount ol tea BMtd,nnd ts perfect ailety i'rorn ulturior il! re.suli, sui:h as tollovv tho i4-" ot' ulcoholiü diinks. Hut a heupinj; teuwpoonfu] of (nuine "Cpicum'1 is worth tun-fuld i ts weicrlit of taw leavaj, especially in miminer, in nwnv ffuy; for example, u single qtiiTter of a pitiuh will save u na a il 'i life - that quarterof a pinuh buing pat ii)irloepy Mentiuel's oye. If it don't wkdn hun up, and overybody elo v i thin an Indian yell's distantie, thun it u not a primo ariule of uapicum A sing o pinch in a gl ss of flat or wormish water will nuÜify if'eío qualities and böM'les satislying thirs, will invigorate and efFoutually prevent that wieomfortable sensation arising irom having drank largelv of water. A god pinch, eaten at each meal, or whenever a cup of coffee or tea or water1 is swallowed, Will aKvays iuvijroraty d 'gestión, aid-i to prevent aoidity, and i, besides, u great intngomst ol the dinrrluni. dysentery, flux, und "looseness," whiuhaie the groát scouren of all armies. A level ioaspoo:i et cijpsicurn daily, taken in eating or drinkin?, nr b )t!i, or if taken a pinóh at a time 'luring the d y or night, would do more ral good, and ihat without iny 11 restilt, than ten time the rost in ram and ijuimne, as n preventative ugaiBit chüls and fevers. Licj'.ior and quinina initiate the soldier into intetnperate habitcj they wül wake up a love, a cravihjf, a filaverytontrons drink, wliiuh puppur and water will novor do. The latterinvisror iten like food, thu fprrner tnerely exciíe, thn aves weaker than In fure. A pinch at cnpsi(iiira, which is simply pura cayenne pep per, will do a great doiil itioro toward warming up a soldier, towrird invisrrtrating Ilim, toward kaoping h::n vigilant on giKinl, and toward tnudifying tliirst or t;itig;c, than thu best glass of grog ever uwatlowéd. C.'.psicum gocs fiirther, and is more effioisnt lor all purprwea, than bhiek papper, if by expresa or paivately, Rend half a pound ut a ti ne, in a lin box. If vou have nothing elsu to send in Jtnr lottorn, send a foiv pin?, or a needie nnd somu linead. - JMany have suen tho timí when a stiing or a pin would have been wnrth ten times ts ordinorV vnine'. Wriie often to thii soldier. Wiïwj lon[r lotkTs - öive all ihu news vo'i oan think of. - Let every line bo f uil of lovo ; uf kind affiiuticiuite inierestand encouragement. Ba mire to incúlcate a generoua rriagnaniinily to.v ard those who oppo?e, so at to have as few ubslaclcs as juñiihfe to a cordial coming togetlicr again, when ih at good tiuio comes, HS it cerininly will, bofire long. We ure II brethren presently entra njfed, sons ai tho name "ires, and taking an enlarged view, tbn iiggregate char eter W prol t y well


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