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A Working General

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The New York Journal of Commtrce relaten the following anécdotas of Gen McCIclliui, which seera to be better au thonticiited than many which go the rounds of the presa: "No muu can imagino whut immonse labor Gen. McClelian has undergonc within the past few weeks, and how thoroughly and perseveringly he has worked. Au artillery officer rolated to us an incident illuslrating th is soniewhat. On a disiual, rainy eveniog, when tometrenehes were to bo tlirown up. the narrator was diri'Cting his men aud layiiig out the work, when lie snw an officer on horseback attended by a single orderly, ride up and (Jisinount. He was uot reoognized till he approached with the ha.sfy "good evening, gentlemen" when they kuew the commanding General. He remained half an hour, walh-ing up aud down, miking brief aUggc-aUous, thon ' rode ssvif'tly away. "At ïiine o'clook our informant, being absent at the moment, was infoniied tbat the Gunerul had been there again. At ono o'clock he re-appeared. Another officer 'of the samo reported that at 3 o'clock, A. M., tlio coinrnanriing General, with one orderly, visited the works he ■as engaged on, throe miles from thosa Srst miined. liotb pointa were eight miles from lieadquarters, wliere it was ktiown tba Go-;eral transaeted business from lime to time through the night and wheie ho breakfasted the next moruing "The officer told us that on the last day's iigliting, Harriso:i's Bar, vvhon lie was standing wherü the enemy'l shell were falling rapidjy, and numbers of the woundod and dead lay around, in the midst of the battle, a' thundering eheer went through the ranks, a3 Gen. McCielian rode down among tbom. The wildest excitemsnt penvidad the reginienis, and cheer on cheer uus givon, The officer said that i lio wounded man wlio Liy aroni'd wavcd thoir hands, and ono man who was terribly sliattered, caught lis cap, waved it over his Iie:id and cliecred feebljr, but joyouwly. Our informant saw tliat man die within ten minutes aftcr the young General had gonc by."


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