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How To Fill Up The Old Regiments

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i" rom the X. V. iiniug l'oht. i There í a gruat deal of sense in thy fullowing suggesüons irom a ( dent: '' Everybody thinks that tho oíd , imetitb "Uíiht to bu tilled iip. Militiiry men apart, and oommon sense eonfinn the opinión, that threo hundrud rei-.niits i:i un oíd legiiueot are vvorth rh' ro than thieo timts three hundred in u new orgaiiization. "Allow me co muke onu or two sugwestioiis in renard tú matter: " 1. Appoiot íVom uinong thoso offi cers ut piL'sent uufit í'or fervioe in tlie field, recru'tiüg nffioers for brigades, uiid allow the recniit to select the regiment he will serve in. In cases where the brigadas are componed of regirr.ent trom ditlerenl States, iet the offiuerü r ;crui: for the regiment of iheir own State, or let parts of two brigades, be united under the same recruiting officur. " 2. As many patriotic cr.izena are now volunteering to pay íulditioual bounties, would it not be well for thein to desígnate regi menta now in the field and give Iheir extra bounty to the rocruits for those regiments. This cornee will opérate to bring out more vohintarv contributioiis from among those speciully inlurested in particular regimenta. " Subscriptions might bc taken for tlie sume purpose among the friendo of' particular regiment s, nd in this v.iy cousideiiible nmounts miht be ruised, in mnall sinos, for bounty money."


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