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Major Welch, Of The Sixteenth Michigan

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ponVace u.' beN. ï- Heruld. The iu!e est feit by lïiends at home in recruitiiïg and filling uj tho ' enny to tho reqaired complement to onsiu'c the 8foíy and final crushing] out of tliu rcbeliion, ennnot surpass thst lelt in tho matter here. üegi ments, whnso s'rength has boen greatly eut down by disasters of disunso and battle, are anxious to be fiíled up to their old niiii.Bers, and enter thé field afresh mul win new victories. It is encouraging to ihu ttoops, mortovcr, to feu tliat ihe military authopkies tako the senslblu view oí tho subject - that is, ibut a vutoiui ïx-giinuuUliutliasseun service and knowa what it is( aud lia proved ilselt' trusty-, filled up nöw, is worth tno nuw ones by and bv, and that thëy ore aotiog accordinjly. Instuad ef sending on recruitioif service Lieuteoaots, the leading officern are tK-ing despntchod on thi.s important service - officera whohave corictucted the regimeuts in uil thu late fihts, who freí an interest in them and in thèir fume;, and wil] work vvilh thu utmost zeal. Major Weloh, of the Sixteentli Michigan Regiment, left to-day to (il up his regiment. The Major led his regiment in all the recent fighl., Col. Stockton baving been taken priaoner in the very btigitpHg f tho Gaines' Mili b:ttle. Ttiirt regiment BUStained noarly as nevera loss as :my in the field, and out cf eleven full compañieg, whn they were nidstered into tho service has uow less than (ivo hundred eñectivo men. Such was lbo gaHantry ol Major Welch that Brigadier Cunera Butferfiéld, In Wboeo brigade tho regiment Í3, wrote a special letter to Governor Blair, of Michigan, rtcotntTiencfing his promotion to the Lieute.nnpt ColoneKy and lull comroand uolil the release of öolonel Stock ton. AUhuuirli tt youflg man, ho isa 'ji-illiant and dashing officer, and highly popular uith all the men, wlio liuve faith that he will epeedily return - and ho Rays he will do il - with thu regiment filled np to the maximum war standard, lie goes froin hero to Detroit and Ann Albor, where the regiment was origiuaüy reortüted.


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