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The French System Of Drafting

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Uiider French law every birth m the Empiro tnust be rccorded within fortyeiglit liours, under pain of severo penalti ua for any attempied violation of tlie oude France is divided iuto 40,UOO communes, cuch of whicb has a M iyor, holding iiis itppointinent from the De partmeiil of-tfhe Interior t Pari, wliich lijf tlie wny, s by fir ihe most iii.poftaui liranch of tlie Frencli Governtnent 'm ui] respot. It is in the pnmuto ol the Mayor that births are declared nnd for mally placed on record for future refcreiice auii use. Tho law roquires that thfl duld itself shall be brougbt before tlie civic fuuctiouary, tlie name of the hrfunt given, the naines and conditiou ol b"th parents, wlieti knOwn, given, also the sex of thii clnld deelartd and ai the facls certified to by two creditable whuwaes, whose ñames, ivsi ienuts, and oCCtlptltioua ara also carutully rccnrded. It will bo seen ut a glance that the infoiination tlius obtained is of immense utili y to thu (Jovernmeiit, in conducting thu upcration of c'incription, whoae int-cliaiii.-iu may bc described in a vry faw wol as: 'Vhc Goveinmcrt calis frr a Contiiigfiit, Iet us siijip 'se of lü ),000 recraite f r 1802. 'i lie Lcijifl tivií Hody autlioiizis the levy to be linde. E cli dcpartiiif ut of tlie Etapirö of irliich thcre are now eigity-uine, is required t luriiish a tjnot.i, based up')n thu ,unuu;it of lts pipuiHtuii. The Miiyors hold li.-it- of ali individaals boni in tlieir respective CKiiimuiK'S, and notilicatio s are eut to every uuie ulllld boni in 1842 (the draftii g aye beii'g tweuty years) that he is to prcafi.t liimself mi üuch a day, at thö mairie, to take párt in tho drawing. Ttlia uotifiodliiw is a nier finni ty, as LVery youtijf luin kuows hen lie will Ije ri'ijnired to coiut! forward, aird it fre (jiieiitiy h ppens tliat youthful Fi'eiiib" luen, i i-si'-iing atu'uuii, return io thoir naive land at this penoil, fir tbe pu poso oí t'ultilhug ,i outy, wh;ch, if tlu;y clmie miiiht be readiy avoided, by nimply reniaining out of Franco. To ilïustratu tho mode in which the drawififí takes piuco, we wi 1 -uppoae tiiat a particular commune is rojuirad to liirnirth one huudre ' conscriptd - tlie total nuBibcr if uligible yung men beinir, say five hur.dtcd. Five humlred bits ot papt-r are plaoi-d iu an urn, of wbich fuur Mundr.-d are blanka and ihe remaindfcl' niarkiii fiom one to one huudred, Ooi. ga tneii' s to " Lll iu." '1 ie luur hundred who have oscaped are now esempt trom military service, unióos sume eXtruordinary evfiit - such as tho invasiou ot Frauoe - shouht demnnd the oall mg out the eulird aruis bearing population. The modo of raising recruits, as has been seen, is simple euough - all baving been otl'erod a ta:r chance. As it rê gards exemptions, the Freneh systein is suarcely lesa simple. Iu tlie first place the conMjripts undergo a rigid medical exuujinalioii, and il uny are found laboring uuder physieal disability, tliey are at once disoharged. Next in order are ' the exeinptions of soutiens de fiimill, or individuáis with f.iniilus .ependent on thfin. Tlius, tiie only nou of a wulowed in ther is exempU'd. So also is the unly IjrutliLT of au orplian sinter. Brotlicrs of a Huidier stiil serving in the arniy are exenipted uutil the laiter's term s'.iall expire, oly one cf a family being d:awu at ono lime. A wifu camiut erempt lier liusbaud, even it tliere bu uhildrai, ns the law huida that yuung man oulit nut to marry ui. til tLuy have tullilled their military obligations to the St:ite. A last clasa of cxemptions lias a peuuniary t'e;itui'e. In formef years - that is to say, up to 1856, 110 coiit-cript bat eseiupt by physical dubility, or by the ollHT causes e., U mt: : ;uea coulil isoapu HerviCe, cxeept by procuring a substituto. TliiS had given rití ti a duaradmg spuies of trado or Bpjoitation, in wliich large nmnbers of iu in sollen and buy ers we' e engaged Uut, under the Mstni ret'eiTod to, tlie cuisuript whj bruught a substituto was responsible f'or his substi tn'e, and f tha laitcr deserted or died, befure the ezpiration of the scven y.'ar's term, was liable to be forced Back iuto the ranks. ïh s system was abohshed in 185(5, by order of the Emperur, and the Guvernmont itself acci-pt-1 poeuniary indeninity fr the withdrawal of a eon script, and practically pays fur his sub stitute by offering an ampie b:iini y fur vulunteers It is arrangcd that the auiu rtceived and payed by the (Tovernmt'nt shall vary aceording to the military exiencics of the country bui the present basis 3 as follows : A couseript H cxempted fur 2,40 ) francs ($180,) and the govern:neut pays a Ktmoty to viilunteers amomitinfi to 2 '100 francs (St4Ü ) lUttkiug a prufit of 200 francs by the exchange.


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