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Great Excitement At Cincinnati

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Oinoiiiusti, Sopt. 'J. ïlic following has just been issued: Tlie undersigned, by order of Maj. Gen. Wright, assumcs oommand of Uinciuuati, Covington and Newport. It is but fitir to inform tlio eitizens that an active, dariug and powerfal eiie'ny tbreateus tiicin with every consequence of war. Yct ihe cities must be dofeuded, and thoir iuhabilauts must assist in tho prepurationg. Palnotisin, du'y, honor, selfpreservation cali thcm to the labor, and it must bo perfonned equally by uil classes. ■ lst. All business must bc suspended at nine o'cloek to-d;iy every busiuess house must bo eloscd. 2d. Under the diree:ion of their Mayor, the citizeus must, within an liour attor the suspension of business, nssomble in Couvention punetually. aud ready for orders. As snoa as possible tliey will tlien be assigned to thoir work. Th.s labor onght to be that of love, and the undersigned trusts and believes it will be so. Any Low, it must be done. The wiliini shall be properly credited; the unwilling promptly visited. The principie adopted is, citizens for the labor - soldiers for the battle. Martial law ishereby proelaimed in the three cities, but until they eau be relieved by the military, the njunction of this proclamation will be executcd by the poliee. 3d. The ferry boats will cease plying the river after four A. M. uutil furthet orders. (Signed) LEW WALLACE, ílujor General Coinmanding. In aecordance witli tlio proclnuiation of Mij Gen. Wallace, I hereby give notiot- tliat the pólice forcé of thS city, will until further ordered, act as provost guard, and I enjoin on ill good citizens to respect and obey tliem as sueh Any d regard of orders from tlie General Commanduij?, tliiough the pólice, will hi eoforced strictly ' (Signed) GEO. HATCH, Mujor. Headqufirters United Stafjfs Forces.í Ciiiciiinnti, Si.-pt. 2. ) General Order No. 1 - AU pluces in 1 lio cities of Cincimiati, Coviugtoii, and Neport, wliere liquors of any kínd are sold, must be closed at four o'clock tliis moiiiiug. All pale.- are prohibited. Upon fallare or refusal t lie stock ou baud will be confiscated for sauitaiy purposes. By order of Maj. Gen. Lewis Wal lace, (Sined) H. ELSTON, Jr., A. D. C. and Uliief of S.nff. Cinciiinati, 1 P. M. 2d Sept. Business is etitirely suspended. Tlie street railroad cars have stopped running. There is a good deal of exciteinent, but no panic The people are quietly but actively orgsnieing for dofence. N malo citizen is allowcd to leave the city. Our troopa are preparing to evacúate Cyuthiana. Humplirey Marshall is reported appi'oachiDg that [ihice ÍVom Pike ton.


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