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The Pennsylvania Militia Called Out

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Pniliidelphiu, tíept. 4. The Bulhtine han tho folio wing: " JiiHt at we ge to p:ess we loarn ihut (jiivcrimr Oiirtin biw determined to i.s.-ue a pioohttiiution to u in the State. Üf uourxe th etnergency wliiuh leada Ui tliis cniirsö i nwsl presing : HiUTihurg, Sept. 4-1 P. II. Govenio!' Curlin bas issuud the lollowing PBOCLAMATION. WAcreas, In the present uondition o nfF.i;!-, il is expectnd ihut nieasure stHiuhl bo Uikuii to unn and prepare uur propio lor defenue : Nmv, tbereiore, 1 do'ly recoiinneiid the mniediatu junnatroi) throughout tho CoininiMiwealth ól volunteer compaiiies md regimenté iu ciinibrmity with Ü:e uiiliiui act of 1858. Aniis will bo distiibiitcd t org;inizutioi), ttlid thdse lo lie lonned ugrceubly lu the piovmiuns ot ttiat act. It is luither reeoiiimeiided ihat in order U give due opport'iuiti s for drill uiid insinioiion, all places ba cluced dui y ut 5 11' in the iftumooii, so thai uil .jisonrt üii)l(yc)d ttierein aiv ulier tluit liour be ut liWty to altend U thoii' military dr.ües Tl. e c'beertul alucrity wïtb which Ih Penncyivonians hava liiiljert" givon thmnHelves lü tho ' cerviöti ut ihc country lm" pivsyl : Ijeavily on ber military rus. unces. 1 uiii iü uutiinf ti ask puoplo to astiuiiiu fuither biirdeus, but 48 thuir ituiuly requiies ttmt tliey shoi.ld do tn, it is in tlieir buhalt ihttt 1 put forlh Uit rnooMimenilatioii tieiein contained, :uid ure u [.riMiipt cMin]littnce ivhh tliom. i Given uuder ray haud aud the great seal of the State, ut Eariisburg, this l'ouith day of Septtaiiber, 1862, aud ot Ülia Coinmuliweallh tho 87Ü. gigned by the Governor. LJ4 ÖLit'iJiit Sac'y of SUlf. ZjST A d" une cuy huviog gt into i thü lioiio f Coiinvidiis, by Nw i'avkiiig ii.i.'ri i!lüd }j'u! Nurlh, w!i(i !i;i.jn.i)fd tu bu i)pJmiing n# ut bu'.lgüir. Hj lorclship ilois,inUy nquiïtjd iV wluil liuw oppciiibDt bis Wiis attiicked ? A v. ii ; re]ÍKd,'"It was a moiübtír from 3arkshre."


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