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The War In Louisiana

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- Advicea from New Orleang state that, notwithatauding the st.ingency of Gfen, Butler's orders, not ono-tenth of the arras in that city have been delivcrcd up. The rebels outsido kcop up a constant communication with their friends in the city Guerrillas have appearcd in forcé a short distance from Algiers, and frequontly visit the town in sniall partios in disguise. Baton Rouge, altbough evacnated by the main body of soldiera, is still in possession of a company of mnriue?, under the protection of two gunboats, which are to bo changed every geven days. The city has not been destroyed. Only a few hou9CS about twentyin number, which intfirceptcd the range of our fortifications in the interior, have been destrO3ed. An attack was daily expectod at Carrol! ton, and our troops were busily preparing to meet it with vigor. Tho for tiCc;itions built, by the robels, which-line the city, re now in a state of defense, and are tonsidered iinpregnablo. It is rejiorteil that t!ie rebels are mnssinp; tlieir ferces in this direction. Gen. Shepley is hourly suporiotending the arrangements to givo ihe enemy a warm reception.


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