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Rev. Thomas A. Cullen

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Pastor of St. Thomas' Church (Catholic) oí tliis city, died on Sunday night last, aged 58 years. He was an old resident Lore, very popular with his people, and rcspected by our citizens The funeral obsequies took placo yesterday, and Lis remains were deposited beneath the altar at whieh he so long officiatcd. L2T We learn wilh regret that a telegram has been reeeived írora D. B. Brown, Esq., of this city, announcing the death from wounds received in one of the reeent battles noar Washington, of his son, Lieut. W. A. Brown, of the Eighth Michigan Infaatry. Lieut. B. was a gallant and brave soldier, and his death is sincerely mourned by our en t:re community. We presume that his remains will be brought here for internment. L=" =Rev. F. A. Blades, for the last two years Pastor of the M. E Church of this city, preached his fare■.11 itnnn. fi verv nnnronriute on Sunday last. Ha remuins in our city nntil after thu coming ee.ssion of the Conference, to convene here en the 24th inst., btit anticípate tliat bis pulpit wil! be occupied by othur e'ergymen. Mr. Blades ha been very popular bolh wilh the ohurch and our citizens generally, and if the "discipline " could be sufficienlly stretclied there would be a pressuie vet for two j'ears service from hirn. _ At tho close of tho Sabbath ; Schooi exercise of the dfty a valuable present was made by the school to Mr. B. and family, whicL was arcepted wilh an appropriate response to tho presentation address. jL3f At a session of the Comnion Counoil held on Monday evcuing last, Augustus Widenman was elected City Recorder, vice Lieut. E. P. Pitkin, of the 20th M'.chigan Infautry. He wil! make a good officer. - We notice that a correspondent of the Trilvr.e braeds him as a "secessionist," and says the legality of the election is to be tested. Bosh. OZg Cüpt. Wilkinson and Lieut. Batchelder aro enlisting a company for Ktllogg's Regiment of Mounted Riflemen, and we are glad to learn wilh snecess. This is the last chance for this brilliant arm of the service. Qo in out of the draft. L3L" Lieut. Gkoiioe O. Mogk, of Co. G-, First Michigan Infantry, is reported among tho prisoners captured by the rebels at the second batlle of Buil Run, on Saturday, August 30th. Lieut. M. hails fro:n this city, and has the reputation of being a good officer. "We regret his misforturié. L=L- Col. J. F. Milleb left for Washington on Tuesday morning last, ior the purpose of aiding in taking caro of the Michigan siok and wounded in the hospitals of that city and vicinity. We understand that it ishis desiga to enter upon regular hospital duty. JL5g" We givo in another column instructions and forras relative to proouring baek pay and bounty of discharged and deceased soldiers. These instructions and forras were received direct frora the Treasury department, and may, thcrefore, be relied upon as correct. L3L" The Democratie County Committee held a sessiun in this city on Saturday last, and, without taking any definitp action, adjourned to meet ngain Wednesday the 24th inst., at which time every member of the Committee is requested to be present. LíjE Ilangsterfer gives a social ball at his hall on FriJny evening Pept 19th, tho evening of the last day of tho Fair.