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Number Of Slaves Included In The Emancipation Programme

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rebellion continue in its present shripe untii the lst of January nexi, the nutnjer oí hlaves vvhieh will on that duj' be vii'tually emancipated, nder the prooamation of the President, wül bo as 'ollows : Alabamn, 435,132 Ai'kiinsas, ... 111,104 Florida, 61,758 G-eorgiii, - - 462,232 Louiiiann, - 338,010 ; JJis-'issippi, - , 436,096 North Carolina, . 331,081 I South Carolina, . - 402,541 ; Tennessee, - . 275,784 Tusas, .... 180,682 Eastern Virginia, - - 375,000 Total, acoording to census of 1860, - - - 3,405,015 The natural inoroase will probably malee the aggre2rate ut tho preseut time about 3,500,000. JL2ST I[ 's a scandal the sacred namo of love should be givun to that forra of it whioh is seldornost found pure, and which vory often has not tho least particle of real love i" it ■ - i - i B@U If exorcizo proinotea bealth, those who oollect o!d bilis for editora sho'.ild bo amoüg the loagost lived people on the earth. JC3JT An Arkansus paper says tliat marry of the girls in th;it Stato grow s;x feet liigh. ïhsy must bo unoommonly well cultivatod. jL2L A popular writer siys that vroman " shöüM bo won by dagrces ' Certainly- win first hor r -n ad cyns, theh her henrt, thon lier lipa, and thon lier banda


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