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Parson Brownlow On The Proclamation

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of people wlio just now swcar by Parion 15kowm,ow, to his opii.ion. of the late emaucipation proclamiition of President Lincoln, and the great good to reult ti the negro and the country tliörefrouo. That we inaygive the ParsoD's views correetiy, we do not trust ourself to report frotn niemory frora bis remarks on the County Fair grounds on Saturday last, but quotu from hk of his ad dress at the recent State Fair, found in a letter to the Pliiladulplnu Press, dated Detroit, Sept. 27th : I ara aware, s-ud I, that my views are desired upo the Eubject of the late emancipation proclamution of tlie President, about wliieh thcre i- quito a sensatiou on th is ground. I am a pro-slavery n-an, and a truo Soutlierncr, by birth, raising, and education. I havo defended the " peculiar iiistilution " ever since llave defended aiiy mensure, aiid [ am hero wliat 1 am wheii I am ín tlic South, baving iiothing to disguise. If tlic poliey of the President is, as I undèrstand it to be, to free the slaves of' rebo's in arras, and to compénsate loyal men for theira. I am with hiiu - allowintr, as does the proclauifttion, all rebollious States three in on tbs to come back in, and llius secure their slaves. 'J'he measuro is us'leis in tho revólted States; it can't be rnforced, boeausc tho most simple post, offiee law oau't be entorced. I think tho moasre usoless, as I do inuch of the legislation of tho last Ooiigress, but it will (juiet the con8cience.s of chiss of radical men amonL you wlio are ufUicted with that incurablo diseaso I cali " nigger on the brain." The only point iu ths wholo thir;g is tliis : Tho rebels intended whcn prtssed to the wall, as they will be, to issue a proclamation íreeing uil tlie ne groes tbumstlvi'S, as a last desperate ineans of induoing Eiigland to acknowledgo thcir indüpcndonco. This done, they would havo placed the United States Goverument in the falso attitude of Ogbtiog to perpetúate slavery. And all there is of the mattur is si in pi y thiï: Mr. Li;;cola has taken the start of JelF. Davis. We presume the Parson's opinión will bo fla: tering to thoso philanthropista who seo uo evil in this world but slavery, or who have in tho Parson's language, the "nigger ou the brain." Cdp A meeting of thu citizons of thu Fourlh Ward wás hi;Id at Firemens' U;ill o:i Tnesday evening to tttke mensures to procuro iliu filling of tho quota of the Wan] uncfer tho eull for 6OU.O0Q and Fecuro t ngninst i dra ft. Ciias. Tuipp was elt'cted Cliuirrnan and M. H. Goodrich, Seuretury. Monsra. W. Juofcsoo, C. Tripp, A. B. Wood and M Dovuny wtiro oppoinled a Oomniitto ti áaourtiin tho irMiubcr to be ruised to fili the quota of the w:ird, Messrs M. Duvany, M. II. Goodrich, W. Juckson, A. Al oora and L. Gornep wero appoiDteil a committco tb procure subsciiptions to a bounty lund and aid enliatinenls. Clias. A. Ohapin wa electod Treas uer of JJounty Fund, and ttio committee was authorized to nflfër i bounty of $100 to every resident of the Wurd eolisting. Retsidfjnts of the Wurd wi.shini to aid in exumpüng tho wai'd ag;iinst dfiift will fir:d subscription in the hands of cither of the ooramittee. Let overy FourlhAVardcr etther subscribo or enlist. TLT The Louisvüle Papers take the view that the President 's frooliuuaUon interiores witli the ooustitutioca of slave States, which authorizo tlic holding of slaves. Thia is a manifest mistukc. Although the slave is set freo for tbe treav son of the marlor, it does not inlend tn prevent stavcholding in the State in l'u turo, sliould it come oto iigreement with the Federal CoiiBtitu'ion. lts citizens eould brin sjsvea froin the Border States and hold them if they chose. - Dtlroit Tribune. If the Tribune is right wliy do Chas. Sumner, Horacb Gkbklev, and tlieir thuusand aüd one abolition satellites exclaim with such fervor, "God bless Abraham Lincoln." They rvidently consider it as nipping the ïnatitutioa out of existence, and detormining at ónbe the great contest " bntweeñ slavcry and freedom.:' How is it ? Is the Tribune rigbt ? Does tbe proclamation aboiish slaveiy or not? trïSr Iu nppoitiuning the 600,000 among the several couuties óf this Stnte j tbe Adjutant General haseuidently njado a mistake. Tbe quota iissigned to Wayno Gounty is 121 too smal], and this deficioncy is apportioncd among the otlitr eountics. Washtenaw shoulders un ex cess of 19. There should be moro accuracy at beadquarters. r-S" Rov. T. Sparr Kixg, hite of Boston, is a candiduta fr United States Senator froin California, to succeed Mr. Lataam, and it istbought will be olocted.


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