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Special Dispatch To The Louisville Journal. Gen Rosecrans' Official Report

Special Dispatch To The Louisville Journal. Gen Rosecrans' Official Report image
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CUKINTII, íllSS., Out. 4. To Al-ij. Gin. ü, b Grimt. i i ueivcd your diKpi!ch telling me to fiilluw th) rebels TliU moruiiifi Gen Price niado a fii-rce and dotirmined ut tack on our lelt. Tlie eniteht lasted unlil h:iif j.ast i'.even, ard wus vuiy d dly to ttie 'inniy. Tbey drnveiiiour cenlir. Sonie ui tlit'iu peuctrated to the Corinth Houso. Grui.eral Ham bun as on the muil line ut' t eir attack, mauit ; 1 1 u i d h in ground 'ti all bat o. ie positiou, anti tniki g au advaucc si'curd ttie uuuter vMth lus tw spli udid regi nunta. - Coinual ullivan gave uu timu to bring our batturie iitn uOtlun, and saveil tuu dny on tli t iide. Uciif. Van Durii and Lovell made a ni"nt determinad a tauk on our extivmo rif;lit, uu the (Jlierwoila ruad, loadiug tüe ai t .ck ihrougli the nbattil. Two oi tlieir coluiuiis reiiulied the diteh, and lliu otber ai npj. ed wiihiti Üt'ty paci.8 oÊ the d tuh. - All tliat grupe and uannistur would d was'ri'id, Gut w hen the rtbcls reauhec tii is poilit a charge w;is itrdered, whön bec. uu a race beween tlie Svrnt' seveinh Oliio and tlie iieveiiteuuth Missouri, w liich proved too mucli fur sUggind rebul coluiu. Aluuy feil duwu and held up llitur hands tur iiiurcy. They aru badiy beaten uu buth pumts. Tliey lut't their dead and wnundud uu the iiold, and uro in l'ull retreat. Uur Iuhs, tliuugh s riou, eapecially in uffionr, is ïiutliiiig to be cumparud with the lung ut' the euemy Jing. (jen. Hackolniun feil bravely fight.iig at the huad uf bis bi igada yes t . rJay. He was sliut tluougli the jugular vcin. C"ls. E. Kuby 8uiith, (illueit aud Müwor were woundud, but not ui'irtaily. General Oluaby is dangerously wuuiid d. Tho nunibe' of casualties I oaurot determine. The rebu! killoü and wuunded aie Birewn aluug the ru4d fur fivu miles uut, at wlnch tl) y lmd a ho-pilal. V e h.ive butweeii suvuu huudied and oue tliuusand prisnucrs, uut couutiug their woundcd. General McPherson bas roaohed here with his force. VVe move furwarJ ut duy light in tliü nioi ning. Majur-Geiieial Uurlbut, with a large force, is uu lliu liatclue nver, prepaiud to cut uff tbeir retruat aud i'ullow iu pursuit. W. S. ROSECKANS. JC35T" A. genlleir.un whii h:td lost hid wii'e, whoMj miiidüii iiiitrje wan Iiltle, ud'lretíSüd the f llowing to Miss Mooie a lady f diminutive tsnuuro : Ive lost the Little one I had, My hoart is sad and soie, 80 uow I shuuld be vory lad ïo have a little Mooie, To which tho lady bent the following answor : I pity mnch the los yoii've had ; The grief yoa must endunv- A heart by Littl? made so 6ad ; A ilute Müore won't cure.


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