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Gen. Mcclellan's Congratulatory Order

Gen. Mcclellan's Congratulatory Order image
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HtiOQCASTÏRS iUR of TH!-: PdTOJIiO, 1 Ücluber 9 -f: 0 1". U. ƒ Tlio following goneru.1 order has boen issued : !vI-:RAL ORDIlíl N,. 100. ÏÏCABQ : --i nr TUK AilMY OF TUK i'nroMW, in pÁBF m;ak SirARPSBURQ .Mil., OjI.:íi!. - The üeneral Commanding eitwnda li Ia congratularon to the arniy uödcr liia commaiid i' r the victor ii s aohicycil bv braverv it tliu Pis sos of tho Soutb Mouotaiw, arïd upoti tha öuld oí' Anti-.:i.üii (Jreck, and the brilliunt conduot of lieno's and Uookor's oorps ander Bamside at Tunicr's Gap, and of Fvankliu's corp at CramptOD Pues, li wbiuh, in the Ihoc of :vn upemj stnj.ii; in posjtiot), 'Uid ruBtBtklg with ob stiiKicy, thej cairiad tho tnonptain and : .-'.1 (lui w,-iy for thöadvance of tho nruiy, won for ihcni tho ad:nir:ition of' tliL-ir brtithren u Bi i In ihu ïiiiMiiora'ola battle of Auliotam we dofciitcd a niinieroas ;n;il powerfu) annji pf the on-nny, u a battlp despera tely fought uod rnuiarfcable for its duratln, ::-.i.! for the nic'iou of lifo wh c4i attendod it. Tllfl obstiunto liravcry of tho troups of Hooker, 8iDit)eld aad S;:v;ier; tho dasuiag üÜantvy oí tho-o of FranKÜn on the right; tho stoadv valof of' thoso of Btfmsile on the left-; ind tho vionuis support of Porter and anton, present a brilliant spectacle to our countrymeu wliich wilt gwo.l thcir hearts with pruje in-] bx.xliatoa, Fouiteon r;uiis, -10 cojor, 16,Q'0O stand of arms and oeaiiy 6,0tK) prisooers tnken fniüi tho Cüeniy, are crideuucs of thu boropleteness of onr triunij.ih. A gratolul country wiil tliank the noblq anny ftr aehieneméata whicb Iiave rescucd the loyal States of' tlie Kit from the rnvrigi's of the nvader, and havo driven him from thcir b u Wil'!;? rfjoicins at tho victories v!i:c!i !.■! .i blcssmg havo ci'nwi.ed our esertions, lot us cherieh tho momory of our bravo uonir'idos who haro Liid down their uves apon t!iu batilofield, in:irtyrs in ihcir ctuntry's c.iusü. Tn:ir ñames i'l Ijo cashrined iu tho hearts of thu peopte: ]5y (?uinniand of


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