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A False Report

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NW York üct 13. The Herali't npecial Washington dispak-h, Ut. 13lli, says: "A rumor bus boen currënt to niglil thnt a 1 irge forcfl ni rel.cis dar) crusxéd into Marvland and heen defejited. Tbere is uot a word of' trui h in the report." It is fluid thnt tho fuMure to prest llie Bfoapa if Btiinrt and tii.s eavulrv, in their il;ih to Pennnylvaniu tfirmih Mnrylftnd, i- attriHiitöil to the División Coiiimandar at PooïesvUJe, in "vhom iistrimtion.s h;nl heoö simu Iiv MoClelU n, .-■iiiiih!,' tint Siuart trould probubly re.tlat upiin tha line vvliich lie 6iibqnaptly pu-ne, and Hja;gefrt0d i dia posiüon ni f ii-ivs whiuh W'iuld inevita l)ly rut dfl'iiis passaga auroas 'ha 'utq ninf!. A striuí invcs (ilion h now being e indutiTed ab ut ', ívith a view ot fixing tho ginlt iif'd ;i8sisjninï punisr.rnent fthtTB it. is meritud. From the fiwla nlreudv mude public it is evidou' that (.'. il. .I ('lo.lan Ion:; pito'pet' ruoasuiva to i-ovni: the röttirn o St'iartto Yr-. iniu, and the inst b vvith the linnUi üffiuei'd wlio l'.iiled to oby i,:s (rd"i-s or ppreuiar.u his suestior)i LiSL" nw iiöiir ukin luughter oto was whown wliün Reubpnu with t ■- ijle stroks of br-ush, turnaii n ng cdilil, in i pajntirigi to 11 ijrying; nnd our rnotiiHis, wi'.hoJl being paintüro, hiive ofiori bro'ught us, in like muiinor, froni j'iy to grief by n single B'roke.


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