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lïïSitttss Uifírtntu. SIïSïrcARDSMOAHDBnr" d?: . ' Ijow iti ioDe All Losses pi-omptly adjusteclMERCHANTS' INSURANCE CO,, OF HARTFOKD, CONN. Cash Capital, " $200,000. Totl AsseU, Jan. Ui , 1862, - L g Munitie, - MARKH0WARDiPl.e8ldent. E. Thos. Lobdbli, Secy. gUst lossei by flre at reasonablerates T0ND Ann Arbor.Juneï, Hm. 86M_ Agent for tb Phoeoix Insurance Company OF HARTFORD CT., AND THE CONWAY INS., COMPANY OF BOtTON MASS. Iones HoBorably atljuste and promptly pia at thi Agency. Office Corner Main and Huren Slreet, over Uie 8tore of Bach S Pierson, Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor,, 1862. HAYMOKD'S Pliotoffiopliic and Fine Art GALLFUY Mos 205 and 207 Jefferson Avenue, DETROIT. g"VjW__5BkOTA by th. Deren ,,rg;n.outand. - Surveyor & Civil Engíneer. W WKEKS, Survejor nd Civil "Í Thaytrtt reets. 1nl(,fi9 1}8C9 Aan Arlor. Sept. 10, 186. __t ' f. . O. F. ITT 15HTENAW LODGE No. 9, of tlie Independent W or"e, of O4.1 F.llo meet at t)ur Loíg Kooin, Terv Fridnv evenintt, nt 7 o'clork . E.'IUUUARDSON, N. 0. bQXMXK. ? ? L. KTÜBB8. inn Arbor, - - ' , - 7ü SUTUEULaNO & BOK TrVHOI.ESAI.E ARO RKTAILGn.cersand Commissiur, V Molíante. Kast ,Uc M:iio Street Ano Arbur i. M. 8ÍMWT. Vwíe 1'er.fect 8tist,jictiün gmr;tnletd. 'Thsdoñ&1íeñderson, FAI EBÍ tu Hardware, Stores houst fMrnishmKgood., I Tiü WJ .4. L.., S Bnok, Mam Street. ■ A. P. MIMA -v . ;n Stanle Dn' Goods, ÜTtiatk-t, Boots a;;d D-dReÍ, Sade C.othing, Hurón Street Ano "hauíy Office D City Hal. Block, ver Web.fer teo' Boi Store, Ann Vrhor ' KÏNGÖLEY & 1OUGAN, _ TTOHSüva, Counsellors, Soltcitors, and NuteriesPub_ Ho have Books and Fiat nhowing tilles of all lands _ the Lounty.andattend toconveyancingandcollectinp ,mnd,an.Uo paying taxes and chool mterest ,n auy rt of the State. Office eastsie ofthe SSuare. Ann ArP-nva-OiA fc Sobceos. Office at hi residence. Nortli P _S? of Hurón Strt, and 2d hoo-e West ol _.v,S1ou itreet, .Vnn Arbor. _ O. COLLIER, MAseïraxsKR ana dealer in Boots and Snoei. 1 ToVWiSt uf Ihe I'ost" ffice. inn Arbor, Mu. " MC ORE & 1-OOMLS. f MUHOIM an1 iealer in Boot and Shoes, VI 'l-hcenix Block, Main Street, oue duor Nortli ol Vai'nington. "mTouiterman co, II7HOLE8Al.KandKetoil dealers and manufacturer ol W BeadvMadeClothing, Imp(irter of Cloths, CassiereR. U.ieskins, Jtc. No. 5, New Block, Apn Arbor. C. B. POKTEK, __ Scbgf.os Dextist. OfRce corner of Main fSL and Huron streets, over P. Bach's store, TIBjpP Ann Arbor, Michigan. I ! Apri]) 1869 Wm. WAGNER, rJMM5.B in ReaAy Made Clothin? CJoths, Cassimeren and l) Yfitti&t'i Hafs, Capa, Trunks, CarptBgs, ilain tt , Aun Arbor. BACH& rifcRSON. puULees In Dry Goortf, Groceries, Hardware, Boota & ) Shoes, &c. , Main stroet, Ann Arbor. SL4WS0N & GEER, fi aaCEIta Pkov'í&ÍON & Cominission Merchants , and rteajrlK,MJ Water Limk, Laxd Plastob, and Pmbk of Ama,one door EaBt of Cook'n Hotel. C BlJSg, DUAi.ERinClocks, Watclie. and Faucy Goode, at the ign of the Big Vch, No. 27, Phoenix Block J. CTVVATTS. DKAIÍpílCtekSj Wütche, Jewelry andSilver Ware No ■■i'. New Block, Aun Arbor. T. B. FSBMAN. Barber and FasfjWHitWf Hair Uiussur, IJain Street, Ann Artwr, Micli. tiüif i'rupts apd Cuils kept t,-ïilRtaiti' o :iand. 8CHOFF & MIIJ.ER. DeiLRUS in MUcelianeoufi, Btthool, iuid HJank Books Sta tionery, Pjjer Ilangings, kc, Main Street Ann trbor. D. DkFOREST. irrilOLKSALE and Retasi Dealerin Lumbar, Lath, I gles, :-ash, Dsori,, Wtcr I.ime, Grud RItct I 'luster, "laster Paris, aurt Njs of all uizes. A fnll ol pcrfoci Rsortment of the iiOïi, aid all otlier lii'ls of building maWrialf cnriantly on hand at tl;e we-t pAfttiblc rates, op Detroit treet, a few rodl from the Railroad Ilepot. AUo perating iiteaeively in the Patent Cement Rnonnif. "irASflTÊNlw COtim B1KLE RfiCIETY. " (■ sïositort of Bibles and Testanumta t the Societv W. C. VnnrheU'. chapín, wood &co., MANUPACTTKFRf= OF Print, JBoob., AND - COLORED MEDIUMS, W7-o.ji3lxxs Pnpor,c, AJÍN ARBOH JIltH,


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