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Who Will Support Chandler?

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All men who hold the constttution to be " a league with heil and a coveuent with death " All men who have been in favor of " letting the Union slide." All men who support the nullifyinf laws upon the statue book of Michigan. All men who abuse Gen. MuClellan. All men who are iu favor of negro equality. All men who desiro the petty oifices under the tax law. All men who w'ish horso contracts - wbo have made money out of shoddy clothing - who have ccinec} th,a blqQd of galdiera into dollars and cents. All men who thought the South could not be " kicked out of the Uniou." All men who believed the rebelUou could be put down by aposse comitatus. All politieal parsons and free tliinkera. All advocates f wonian's nglita, Fou.rnerism and Suniner's Austraiu Echetpe, All persons who wished tbat McOlellan might be killed n the weven days, figlit. AJÍ persons who poured a " fiie iu the rear" ino demócrata in tha army, by oalüng tkem " secesionista," " truitors," &c. All oonditional Unionists - who put the abolition of slavery before the re toratiou of the aountry - and The hero of tje tei) cent discharge paper- - the lato Lieuteuant Colouel comuianding the Lancers. Tlus is tha anny, which Chandler, secondcd by his valiant Licutenant, ihe shairnjan of the ropublioan State central committce, will lead against the coustitution. - Bet. Free Pres. L8J" A good story and a true one ; is to!d of Gen Duryea while he waa sta tioned at Baltimore as the Brigadier Commanding. He addressed a note to a person who had ordeted a petty farmer upou his land some nine miles from town, to hand down the national flag. Thö fatherin law of this man, a presi dent of one of our banks, waited upon the General to koow wheather he had written the note. " I did," said the General. " Are you the persin?" ''No; l am his father-in-law." " I give you thirty minutes to produce your son-in law in this office." " But, General." " Thirty minutes, sir, thirty minutes." The twn carne at the appointed time, and the offender confessed that he had coromitted the offcnce against the flag. " You must lioth of you take thr oath," said the General, " and I give yoa, sir, two hours to iioist that ftag upon the same spot where it waa pulled down." " But, General!" '' Two hours, sir, two h'Hirs, or you both go to Fürt McHenry." The flag went up at the appointed timo, arjd there it has fluateil ever since, aud tho two are now swopn Union raen.


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