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From The Army Of The Potomac

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New York, Oct VJ. The EeraWa speoial fronj headquarters says one huudred and fifty of Stuart s cavalry have been captured, and it is roported thit more will be. Six were found on Friday night in General Rickets' camp, wearing Federal uniforma A íarge nuuiber of the rebel siok, captured at Shepardistown, refused to take parole, bijt took the oath of allegiaace, and have gone uorth. Orders havo been issued preventing oflBcers or civilians from orossing the Fotoinac above Harper's Ferrv A few nights sinee a body of rebel cavalry crossed at Sliepardtovu and penetrated almost to a Brigadier' headquarters before they were repulsad, they having our unifornjs on. Our tronps passed through Stuart's camp on Thursday, where there was every evidence of a hasty retreat. jL3T Ii the President and the Gen erais shculd attempt to adopt all the diflerent plans for oonductiug tliis war that ihey aro censurad hy the vitriol newppaper wiirriors for not adoptinp;, heaven onl}' kiioww what would beoome ot the nnny, the omon, or any thing; eltte. The confusión of tongue at the buüdin of the towurof B:ibel woijld be no comparifon to th3 military chaos that th civilian wistiaores, whn are more ready tn plan than to fight, would bring upop our country.


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