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The North Must Be Devastated

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Congrr-sá has MtemptBd to respond aftcr a f'asliion to the caruest dcmand of the pcoplo of the Oönfcderaey for somo sort of effeotivc retaliation upon the enemy - a retaliation demandad alike by óur duty to the outraged aws of humanty and to our citizens. Just so. long as the bloodthirsty Yankees are pormitted to [.rooood wlth impnnity in thair duvelish'work, rely-ing for iuimunity on our sentimental devotion to the violated lawa and usatres of war, just th-it we shall be Vabjeeted to, rapiñe, murder and arson, wherever tlie iuvading North mny fiiid ii footliol ! in our territory. [Herü followa a half column of the bitterest abuse of the Xorth, whiuh we omit.] Sinoo Congross has thousht proper to l&avo the whólo matter to the discretioo of tlie President, it is to he hopcd that he will do soinetbing to fulfill the expectations of the peoplo - something that may offeetually curb the insolcnce of the ciieiny and prevent aprosecution of thosu infernal schsmes of rapiñe and arson, murder aud servile iism'ectÍQn with whih the Lincoln Goverument has throütened the tfouth. Haw is this to be done ? We must resoi t lo retaliation. Yes; but what shall bo the liiud and what the measure of retali-ition ? Any hall-way tneasuros boiiinningwitii nothing and onding just wherc; tln-y oüglit to be gin, will ot'.ly make the matter worse - will o'ily exeite tbe ridicule of the cnemy, andstimulate them to renewed atrocities. Vre ought to do iu earuest th,p very things with which they threaten u?, expecting alwaya murder and outrage upon woincn and children. The President should issue a proclamation, demanding that Lineoln's Euuuicipation proclamatiou ba resuiuded, and the wholo war systein of the North brought within the rules of civilized warfaj-e, and declariug that this be done, we shall send forces into the Nartb to hnrn, ravage, desolate aud destroy evcrything in their path, Jior ought this to be an cmj:ty threat. The recent exploit of General Stuart has stiown that the Northern territory is open to us. We eau send cavalry expeditions into Penusylvania and Ohio, with orders to move rapidly from place to place, and to do nothing but burn and destroy. - The deuse populaticn and coneeutrated Ttealth of these States are cireumstances vhich would great'y facilítate our j ration. In a country where a city lies at the end of every day's journey, and a town is papsed every liour, an invading force wouKl find plenty of oiïcupation for its destructive p'dvrers. Au unwarlike aid uiiorgatiized popylaiqri wnuld soon tire of raids liko these, aud olmor for peace.


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