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On Tuesday pvening a large and iupjljgent audienco conveued at the Gou.rt House for the purpose of listcmug to tho Union Candi: date for Governor, Byiïon G. Stout, of Oakland, and II. II. Emmons of Detroit, Mr. Stout expressed hls views freely and without reserve, and pointed out the rickery of Chandler in the most scathing ternas. .,11e was in favor of eonducting the war on constitutional grounds, and not of setting aside that sacred instrument in tho present crisis, but to fight and maiutain ii in a eonstitutional way, AVe wcre not fighting to free the glaves b,u. o restore the Union, to bring ou erring brethron of the South back int the Uniou as it was, and not to live un ,der some new and untried fonn of gov prument, which the radícate are trying to inaugúrate. Mr. Stout is an able, eloquent, conservafive man, not tinctured with the least particle of abolitionism, but just such a man as is wantod in the gubernatorial chair of Michigan, and tho meeting on Tuesday cvening was a sure index that this city, at least, will do hor part toward placing him in that responsible pofitioo. or an hour and & half he held his audience, no noise, no .disturbanee the stillness only broken by papturous appiauge. H. H. Ehmöns boing callad upon aroge and gave the radicáis such a lecture as none but a true, sound, conservative Union-loving man could do. He handled them without gloves, and we noticed raany squirming iu their peats, biting finger nails, and betraying all the evidenees of uneasiness possible. We pitied Lh.e poor misguided followersof the blood-letting Senator. A few more such epeeches as these and radicalistn in this city will 'cive up the ghost.'


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