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The Worth Of Money

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Wo hear a gooJ deal ulinut ttie worlh of propertr. A htruw is wortli ten thoiisand donars; í 1 1 ■ . t 1 t is worth lifiy ihousuncl dullnre; i faini is wortk eigtit thousrinii, it horse ilirce hundred, a carriajiö five hundred, ajul o on cnc'.lessly. j;i;s is uil vory wU n its wuy. Hut oualit not the question, symetim,, to l'j put llio i.: er v;iv, how inuch ia a luao's monfy'i ivorihl There is ii mder raugv mi lio valué of rnoaey than most persons think. And, upon a I'lUle inquiry, I suspect Ui at it will bo ioutid Ihat u!l men wbn [xissess money, or who loi)g ■■■ 1 1 -. i, havo a mty oí' [i:(;nsuiing i , not hy tlollnff, btit by its viilae in te u.u sort of picasurc or articli'. üno mv.i crirns a tfefw:;nd ilollsrp, nntl ay to liinsoii, tliere that puts mu onc hiep out of dubt. Monvy to of pccsonnl libtrly" A man in öcu is not r iVecun-n. "The borrower is servnnt to ttie K_!)der." man scfsvin n thousard dollars n smig lui !.j liomtj.-lead, u homo U-r bis children, a sbelter to bis old ago, a pliiou to live in, and a 'good place to die in. But his neitlior only sees one njorè link in lbo golden chain of wealth. It was thirty. ;,;:(! thóusand last month, he is -.vfci-üi i;1y this. And Lis joy is in lio growiag imiiier:tl.s. .1.1 e i:nagines how t wjll sound, full round, and hearty, w hen men say, "lie is worth a hundrid thousand ollr#7" NYi when it comes lo tliat, lie thiiiks live á better pniind than one, and fiva lmndred houand dollars is i sound most musi94! íí lijs uar, - U.ougb he lovea even bettor yet to cwll il half a ruillron ! - The word million cuU :i great hvath in inon's iiriaoiuaüon. All luis estimato of money U e lieer ambition. The iptjp is vain. Ho thinks rnuch of himsuíf 011 account üf inoRuy, uot of money, not of character. A lüari ho is opwoïy pixiud of monuy U sucrelly ontempluous of those vvlio liave none. Anoliior mnn wishos to see the world. Every ir.eans travel. A thous: and dollaia means Euyope. íwo thouur d dollars meuus Égypt, Palualioe, ar.d Grceco. Boys' daaling in pnial'cr snros reckon in the sau:ü way. A p:.-nny means slick ol canUy ; six[iurico w lint tenn fop ball: síiilling means a kit : and tífty cents, a jack knife. The young LCraok" sees in bis money a skuleton wagon Htifl a Cast n:ig, n ruusing iivt, a j ■■liy il; :k, und a srndiiiijng oariy. Jíut uiíwiy nnrl raatijí a yeary soul seos in every shilün bread, rent, luei, elolhes. Ti.oru bu thotlRandti wao liold on to virtue !y höütta oí' dollars; a few more suvo U'.uiii ; a iw loss, and they are ost. Tlieir tfnyer Httrs see i'eatherod hata and royo) lks in their monoy, or ruther, in thsir i'ulhera' and tlisir huabaiid-s'. The pnor scholar passes daily by Uiq Stal! where booke tempt his poverty. - - Paur clotlies Iiü is oonteut to wear ; plain and oven ineagre diet he is willing to subaist upon; an, as for a',1 the gay dissipations and extravagant astes of fashionub'.o lüe, ho looks npon lbprr without even (TodeTátanding ybzt they mean, as a ühild looks npon tho milkyvvay, ir. tfog eayeoe, a gl owing baad of fur away nnd unexplorf'd wonders.- But, O, tboae boubtl Ho looks lougngly ut morning; ho peers at them wiih a gentle covatousness at night. - He imagines new de.iues í'of euri)ng u iew dollars. Hu ponders vyhether'9 ; is not some new economy whieh eau ■ sava a íew sliilüngs. And when good luck at laats brings a seore of dollars to him, with whatfdvpr of hasto doea I he get rid of thein, fuiily running io the stal', 'and iaaring, at every atep, lest some fortúnala man should have seized the prize. Vasteio) 1 ihat night saw tvo iiiueh oi 'purat cut ia porina overthe jovtul trpasuro. Books are what his money is wprth I But oibers seo d'.ffuretit visions. Money means flowers lo llicm NeW l'Otett, the laUst hahlia, the new camelia, ot otherá oí the graat bouri band o{ flowers that Ë11 t:io ílorist'd parudiso, - ■ ths garden. tíoine men see ongravings in rncnoy ; Borne, pictufüíi; soine, raro copies of oíd books; some ourious misnals. Others, when you say mnney, think of fruittrees, of sliriibbery, of aboretums, pine: tuins, and ÍVutioetums And wu havo reasoa to believe that thuro are sorna some poor wretches irljo, not eonteut yit!i ariy one insanity, seo pretty ruuch alí tiloso thiogs to turus. But tliere are nobler sights thaa these to bs soen throijgh the golden lens ol vveulth ; father and tnother placed in their oíd age ; a yoüng fían helped througl) (SuUetC) or established in business: a friaud extrioated from ruin; a. poor widmv suved f'rom beggary, and made u suppüant belore God for mercies on your lie .d, overy day that sho lives ; the su:k and uniortunate succored, thü orphan ediieatod, the school fouiuied, thd village liued with shado trees, a free librnry estibiishtíc; and a thousiind guph like tilinga. A. mnn is not ia be knoyn by hop ?uudi money he hag, bt by what that mony s worth to him. "If it is worth oqly selfishno-s, ineunness, slininoss, v:inity, and haug.ity t-tate, a man is not rich if he ovviis a million dollars. If 't maan generosity, public spirit, social comfort, nnd refinair.eut, then hu is rich on a few hundred. Yon put yonr hand into a mans b.oart to find out hov much he w woi th, not into h's poükot.


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