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Silver--its Premium And Scarcity

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Inasmueh as gold constitutes tho bulk of tho speoie exported, it ia a pu.zling question to many, raerchants ineludod, wliy gilver shmld be so scarce, and why it ahould commsnd nearly as great a promiuin as gold. In brief, tho threo following are tho chief reasons why silver is no longer in general currenoy aud ooramands its present premium : lst It is wauted for Canada trade. - In the Canada market silver is as good as gold, and ia payiug for tho large amount of Canada produce whieh wa receive, of coursc the cpecie whioh can be obtained at the lowest premium is preferred, whenover it is necessary to pay in spocio. 2d. For the roason tliat silvor is lower than gold, silver is preferred for " hoarding." There are many persons, par ticularly thoso retired from business, who have cash capital and aro in fear of a furlher depreciation in paper currenoy, ■who are oonverting their moncy into spocie, and prefer silver as it is lowcr than gold. 3d. The difibrence in the foreign markets between gold and silver is but 5 per cent. A greater diiferencc tliaa this n the market value of silver wotild cause it to be taken fur esport ia tho place of gold. The difference in tho premium between gold and silver is but 5 percent. - N. Y. JSconomist. JSJC Juni exuelled only in short (entences, Home ïooke nnd a long senlonco seam the only two antagoDists that were too much f'or him.


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