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Probability Of Marrying

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'20 lo 2o and Imín 25 n. HÚ ihe proba j bility oí i H'idower rfjHf ryitjg in :i vear is nearlv lince tiir;ü- as 4rut as lliat "I m bachelor. At 30 it is neiirlv Intít limes iis grcn' ; (idii, 30 lo 4b il is hve tunes is ylow:; uk] t iierenseri, uittil :il 6(J 'he oli;ince of' i widower niMnviii h ye:ir is olevetl limes is tjrent iis . hul f t bnp helor. It is ato curjous tu reioiirk hW confinned either chis:; bfcoiiuís in tu condi'ion of life - hot Hulti, iifler it few yenes, in :i buclielor lo break throngh liií huliitu and folilary cmiiütioii ; ;:ull un I tío oilier ti:ind, i,mv reuditv in peoortMin Úiwh ■■■ htifliund con t rué t :i teconci irini:ii;e ihii has buen dejiriveil remulliré] , ,,f liis fiíst iarlnei'. Alter the age of 3Q tho (ii'obabililv of n ulielor murryiny ni : y.t-ir diminishes jn i most rapid ru'io. The jr:ibability !it 35 is not miicli oro thiin hall thal at 30, and neariy ihe HHWe proportion exisls hetween each quinquennial perioj after


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